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  1. Привет. Я из России. Привет. Это моя первая запись. Мне 29. Всю жизнь страдаю от мастурбации. Я хочу победить этот грех и буду бороться с завтрашнего дня насмерть с этим пороком. Буду все говорить с христианской точки зрения. Меня кто нибудь услышал?
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    Si ánimo ...no estás solo ...sigue aprendiendo y Dios te ayudará , está comunidad si te apoya
  3. When I started abstinence, I started seeing demons in my dreams. These demons revealed many secrets to me. For example, the apostle in the Bible says that fornicators and malakites will not inherit the kingdom of God. The demons told me that during pornography it is the glory of demons, not God, and that these sins lead to hell. There are many demons who are against abstinence. Starting tomorrow, I will keep a journal here.
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  5. В последний раз я много раз падал на третий и четвертый день. Ты знаешь, что случилось? Ночью я увидел демона в виде тени. Этот демон имитировал женский голос во время оргазма! Я имею в виду, это искушало меня впасть в грех. А потом я увидел большого паука, который напал на меня, и черную собаку. Я читал, что христиане часто духовно видели демонов или колдунов в виде черных собак. Злые духи мешают моему воздержанию! Я начал видеть их, когда углубился в изучение Библии, потому что свет открывает дела тьмы.
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  6. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is, in New Testament theology, the virtues that require, in addition to man's own efforts, the cooperation of God. The apostle Paul in Galatians 5 calls them: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. On such there is no law" (Galatians 5:22-23).
  7. The experience of abstinence will give experience in self-control, and falls will be less frequent and less frequent. Theophanes the Hermit
  8. Let us strive for purity, even unto death, and beware of all uncleanness, which is not inherent in nature, according to the words of Moses, the firstborn among the prophets. In particular let us beware of debauchery. Angels have fallen and been cast down from their state of glory and honor, having allowed their eyes to gaze in impermissible ways. There is nothing worse than looking with lust at a woman. Many have died because of women. Do not be slaves to filthy inferior passions, nor to shameful lusts so vile before God. Write the name of God on your hearts; let the voice within you continually ring out, "You are the temple of God" (1 Cor. 3:16) and the place of the Holy Spirit. Man who is seduced by unclean lust is before God like wordless cattle, devoid of all consciousness.
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    Very interesting, keep it up!
  10. Evidence of the dangers of pornography and hell.
    Sexy clothes. Pornography
    I am from the city of Zilina, Slovakia. I was born into an evangelical family and have always been a member of the church, but I have never dedicated my spirit, soul, and body. Jesus created us in three parts and it is our responsibility to fully commit ourselves. Wore tight-fitting clothing in church. I was single and wanted to find a woman to marry and wanted to attract the attention of sisters who were not yet married. I used expensive perfumery and sat next to my sisters, many of them smelled my scent and flirted with me.

    I was never spiritual, for the deeds of the flesh were in me, I did not like to pray and felt despondent from reading the Bible, but I could only praise the Lord God. My first shepherd knows the truth and corrects church members, and I was the only rebel who attended church with lustful thoughts. You who know the true Word of God will not take the instruction in the Word for granted. My shepherd talked about hell and all that believers shouldn't do. I was a rebellious rebel and I knew it was true, but I felt like an untouchable believer.

    I seduced 3 girls, one of whom slept with me. We usually take holy communion and I was a stumbling block for that girl who was still a virgin and had to pay a heavy price for touching her.

    Once I watched pornographic videos, and saw behind the scenes (outside) of this film, 2 demons in the form of female models, and I want to convey to those who dream of making a modeling career, you should not follow this path, there are demons that control fashion on Earth. When these garments are made on earth, businessmen make millions on these garments that are dedicated in hell. And when 2 demonic spirits came out of the film, transformed into two beautiful sexy women, one of them looked at me and said: “You see this actress and that actor having sex. You knew that they no longer live on Earth; while you feel the desire for this woman, she is in hell and at the moment is suffering and experiencing terrible torment. "

    This demon transformed into a woman, became a pornographic actress and was naked in front of me. The demon transformed into an actress and said, "I know you want this body, you know how this body was left after I died." This demon, who transformed into an actress in the film, became a skeleton and wanted to hug me, I was terrified and ran away, this demon entered the TV and said: "When you watch these films, I take over your body!" That spirit walked into the TV, and another devilish spirit, looking at me, said, "Inside you, there is our spirit."

    When he said this, my body lost control of my limbs. I fought with the demon that was inside me so that he would not control me, but I could not contain my body. This spirit made me spin and dance against my will and I could not stop the movement of my body. The movements were involuntary until this seducing spirit left my body and said, “I was the one who used you to seduce those three girls. Do you know why I have access to your life? Because of the sexy clothes you wear! " I didn't know that I shouldn't go everywhere in shorts and sexy clothes.

    Ancient priests wore trousers under their robes (the English Bible, in the King James translation, uses the word "breeches", which can be translated as pants (trousers), but most likely a more correct translation based on the original Hebrew texts would be "dress", or just "underwear" - a link, perhaps some priests wore trousers, while others wore a dress (Leviticus 16:14) - Ed.).

    Leviticus 16: 4: “He must put on a sacred linen tunic, let a linen undergarment be on his body, and let him gird himself with a linen belt, and put on a linen kidar: these are sacred garments; and let him wash his body with water and put them on. "

    These two demons disappeared and I was terrified. My heart beat very fast until I suffered a heart attack and was no longer in my body. I saw a monster of death with a sickle, he came to take my soul. My parents saw my body on earth, but God had already spoken to them. My father had a dream in which I was passing through the valley of the shadow of death, but I will rise (rise) again. I was hospitalized at the request of my parents, and if I depended only on doctors, I would have already been buried, because physically I was already dead.

    The doctors said they would only hold my body for two days, then they would bury me. My soul suffered in agony and pain in hell, I was there because I was engaged in sexual prostitution, that is, fornication and because I had a spirit of licentiousness. I remembered all the bad things that I had done and regretted all the deeds of the flesh that I did.

    Murder victims
    When I was in hell, I saw one guy who was there. He even attended church, but did not turn in his heart and postponed his meeting with God. The pastor made a call to repentance, but he did not want to leave the World until one day, he was walking down the street and he was mistaken for another guy whom some people swore to kill, and he was killed by a group of men and fell in hell.

    I saw a young woman in hell, she was very beautiful and before she died, her beauty attracted great attention. She didn't want to become a believer because she didn't want to give up her vanity (worldly vanity). She tore up all the brochures with the Word of God that she received without even reading them and threw them on the floor. One man who fell in love with her, did not receive reciprocity and committed a crime of passion and killed this girl. Today she is in hell, and I saw how the demon grabbed her by the hair and dragged her across the burning glowing surface of hell. She remembered Jesus and every brochure she didn't read and threw away. She remembered every person she hurt (insulted) because these people did not have the same beauty as hers.

    By order of the angel, the demons were forced to stop torturing me, so that I could be shown things happening in hell.

    I have straight hair and have used certain products to make it curly (frizzy). The angel said: “God shaped you in this way, do not change your appearance, it must be natural (natural). Artificial hair, wigs and all kinds of fashion for braiding hair, all these kinds of fashions were in hell and came from hell. "

    I saw in hell skirts, bodycon dresses and all kinds of tight fitting clothes. Shirts full of devilish designs and satanic symbols, skirts with slits on the sides and back were in hell. Fashion demons are responsible for these clothing departments in Hell and on Earth.

    Pornographic actors
    Actors and actresses of pornographic films are there, in hell, many of these actors I knew from the films that I watched, but I did not know that many of them had already died and were no longer on Earth and the media did not report it ...

    One demon said, “Many of these actors who are here committed suicide because of the depression I put into them. Their images were publicized in the media and these people could no longer marry (or get married) due to preconceived notions about them. They suffered from the prostitution they practiced to make money from films, others died of AIDS and drug overdose. ”

    The angel who was next to me brought me out of hell. The doctors were stunned when I regained consciousness, many fainted, while others fled, frightened when they saw me. I was pale and cold and looked like a zombie. I got souls at the hospital! This is a miracle that medicine could not explain, since they had already declared me dead. They did many laboratory tests (analyzes) to see the condition of my heart. I didn't have any problem inside.

    I want to thank my parents who prayed for me, they asked God to bring me back when I was already dead. I won many souls by my testimony, and when I corrected my life, God prepared a woman for me - a prayer book. I threw away my sexy clothes.

    I went to a church near my house, which I bought to live with my wife. This pastor's church had many members, he knew that I was preaching against vanity (worldly vanity) because of the revelations I had in hell. This pastor offered me a huge amount of money so that I would not preach against the bustle of the world. I was disappointed with this offer, left my church and went to another ministry, where God exalted me.

    I was ordained a shepherd and I went through great persecution. One young Christian began to slander me in order to take the souls of people out of the church where I was a shepherd. And some people believed his lies. God's Word tells us to love our enemies. This young man went through a process of persecution within his church and stopped going there. And I, being a shepherd, brought him to attend the meeting with me, he felt ashamed for all the false slander that he spread against me. In the book, Proverbs 17:13 it is written: "Whoever rewards good with evil, evil will not leave his house." This young man, with tears in his eyes, asked me for forgiveness and gained many souls, whom he took away from the church where he grazed.

    I bought a car to do the work of God, I prayed to Jesus, and said that everything mine belongs to Him. It is very rare in my country to steal cars, but when it comes to the ministry of God, anything can happen. I started serving God in one of the places using my car, until one day two men approached me. They were armed and took the car away from me, but they did not know that this car was not mine, it belonged to God in order to fulfill His ministry.

    They drove away at high speed to break away, thinking that I called the police, but I did not call the police. The speed with which they were traveling caught the attention of the police and made the police turn around and chase after them. The car suddenly, by itself, hit the brakes (stopped) and stopped moving. When they tried to open the doors to escape, the doors were locked and they were trapped inside.

    When the police arrived, the doors opened on their own. One of the police officers saw an angel opening the doors and was surprised and speechless. The police returned my car and the police officer who saw the angel told me that "this car is probably special." I said, "Yes, the car was given to me by Jesus, she told Him!" This policeman never attended church, but after seeing an angel, he began to believe in the supernatural and began attending church - where I was a shepherd. He became a dedicated member of the ministry, a man of faith, and God used him.

    I thank God for everything and believe that this testimony will reach the four corners of the earth for the glory of God. May You pour out blessings on everyone who listens to (reads) me. Amen.
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  11. Now we can write about men, too. Naturally, there are more deaths, since actors generally do more of their work, and the "gay environment" in which they do not live long at all. И.... By the way, there are far fewer "pro" porn actors than there are ladies.

    Death statistics for male porn stars: (Most of these actors were in gay porn.) So they were faggy faggots )))

    Wade Nichols. Suicide in 1985.

    John Holmes. JOHN HOLMES. Died in 1988.

    Kyle Carrington. Suicide in 1989.

    Alan Lambert. Shot himself in 1992.

    Jon King. Died of complications of HIV-infection in 1995.
    Joel Curry. After the death of his mother, committed suicide in 1995.
    Cal Jammer. Shot himself in 1995.

    Christian Fox. Suicide in 1996.

    Steve Fox. Suicide, shot and killed himself in 1997.

    J.D. Ram. Suicide, died of a heroin overdose in 1998.

    Brad Chase. Suicide, hanged himself in 2000.
    Jon Vincent. Suicide, died of an intentional overdose of heroin in 2000.
    Kyle McKenna. Suicide by drugs in the year 2000.
    Jon Vincent. Suicide, drug overdose death in 2000.

    Jay Anthony. Suicide in 2003.

    Mark DeBoy. Suicide in 2004.

    Johnny Rahm. After learning he was HIV-positive, he killed himself in 2004.

    Lance Heywood. Died by jumping off a rooftop in 2005.
    Tim Barnett. Suspected of seven rapes in Colorado and Texas. Hanged himself in jail in 2005.

    Jon Dough. Suicide, died of an intentional drug overdose in 2006.
    Kristian Brooks. BROOKS. Died in 2006.
    Kirby Scott. Suicide in 2006.
    Andy Dill. Died of meningitis in 2006.

    Chico Wang. Porn director. Killed himself in 2007. Suspected of murdering Haley Paige.
    Tom Howard. Died of AIDS in 2007.
    Kent North. Suicide in 2007.
    Brett Mycles. Used steroids and died of heart attack in 2007.
    Cody Foster. Died of liver cancer in 2007.
    Danny Dukes. Died of heroin overdose in 2007.
    Haus Weston. Died of a heart attack in 2007.
    Joe Romero. Died of complications of HIV-infection in 2007.

    Cole Ryder. Died of a staphylococcus infection in 2008.

    Date of his death was unknown.
    Rod Phillips. Died of AIDS. Medication overdose accelerated the process.
    Andy Mantegna. Suicide.
    Danny Roddick. Died of a drug overdose.

    And a little bit on specifics.

    2010 г.

    In 2010, Steven Hill, a porn actor who had lost his job, killed his colleague. This case shows that only people with an animal animal mind can stoop to such shameless money-making as the porn business.

    A real massacre was carried out in a pornographic studio in Van Nuys, California, by the black actor Stephen Hill. But not a movie one, a real one. The 30-year-old porn business hit man grabbed a cleaver and chopped up three employees after bosses told him they no longer needed his services as a porn actor. The incident happened right after management at Ultima DVD Inc. announced that the sex giant had been fired. Although Steven had only starred in a few films, he considered himself quite a star already. In addition, he lived on the territory of the porn studio. Realizing he was out of a job and out of a place to live, the distraught man grabbed a cleaver. The first colleague he saw, who had been in the movies with Steven, was chopped to death. Hearing the cries of the unfortunate, two employees rushed to help him, but they caught up with the retaliatory cleaver. The first victim later died at Northridge Hospital.
  12. Among the cities in the Roman Empire where the Apostle Paul had to preach, Corinth stood out quite prominently. The apostle was a great believer in the Roman Empire, and the city of Corinth was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire where the Apostle Paul preached. From the seventh century BC onwards it was the largest and most important commercial center in the Mediterranean, with a population of 700,000 people, a huge figure for that era. While the traders were eager to get into Corinth, the Apostle Paul initially wanted to avoid getting into Corinth. Corinth had a generally unkind reputation; the cult of the pagan goddess of love, Aphrodite, had flourished here since ancient times. Her temple stood in the center of the city, and Aphrodite's priestesses, in fact women of easy virtue, were present in large numbers in the streets to seduce the men, be they natives or sailors who came here. Surprisingly, it was Corinth, a city of merchants and harlots, that the Apostle Paul found his preaching fruitful. When Paul arrived here virtually by accident in the year 52, he remained in Corinth for nearly three years, preaching the doctrine of Christ daily. After leaving the city and leaving a large Christian community there, the apostle later worked diligently to ensure that the Corinthians did not lose their religious fervor and godliness. There was a real threat to this - the Corinthians tended to be attracted to new things, easily inflamed, but just as easily disinterested. That is why the Apostle Paul, two years after his departure from Corinth, sent a letter to the Corinthian Christians warning them against returning to a pagan way of life:

    Brethren, 6.12 All things are permissible for me, but not all things are useful; all things are permissible for me, but nothing shall possess me. 6.13 Food is for the belly, and the belly for food; but God will destroy both. But the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. 6.14 God has raised up the Lord; He will raise us up by His power. 6.15 Don't you know that your bodies are the members of Christ? Shall I take away Christ's members, then, to make them the members of a prostitute? I will not! 6.16 Or don't you know that he who commits adultery with a prostitute becomes one body with her? For it is said, "The two shall become one flesh. 6.17 But he who unites with the Lord is one spirit with the Lord. 6.18 "Flee from fornication, for every sin a man commits is outside the body; but the fornicator sins against his own body. 6.19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 6.20 For you have been bought with a high price. Glorify God in your bodies and in your souls, which are God's.

    In his letter to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul reminds them of how a true Christian should live. By obeying the commandments and keeping a pure soul, a follower of Christ gets a sense of freedom. Freedom for Paul is first and foremost freedom from vices and sinful addictions. This is what he means when he says, "Nothing shall possess me. A true Christian, for example, does not let his stomach take control. Food is only a means of maintaining bodily strength, but by no means the master of human life. The greatest danger, in Paul's view, is the passion of fornication. Sexual immorality, relationships outside of marriage have a devastating effect on the whole person. By poisoning the soul, fornication also destroys the body. A person who leads an adulterous life will inevitably encounter a variety of illnesses - bodily and mental. To be an adulterer is shameful for a non-Christian, and for a follower of the Savior it is doubly shameful, because in the sacrament of baptism a person commits himself to God with both soul and body.

  13. Why do people in white coats impose sexual licentiousness and immorality on everyone? I noticed on Tiktok a long time ago that there are a lot of "educational" materials about sex, all kinds of sexologists, psychologists, doctors. These people are gurus, and some of them are hidden occultists and serve demons. All of them argue about how bad abstinence is for men's health, that everyone needs to have sex at least twice a week, how long it takes not to cum, how to bring to orgasm, and so on. All these immoral people under white coats are Satan's workers. Their task is to lead as many people as possible into sexual immorality and pornography. We read in the Bible that abstinence is not harmful! Even animals practice abstinence for long periods of time, such as cats. Nowhere in the Bible do we find words from God, who created us and knows the structure of our bodies better than we do, that man must have sex all the time and masturbation is forbidden in the New Testament. But these false doctors and scientists say that you will get prostatitis and problems if you abstain. Nonsense, it doesn't depend on it. Then they show all these forbidden vaginas and dicks from the sex shop and say it's okay. No! It's not okay. So I want to say one thing, don't listen to all these false scientists and doctors. They reason with a worldly mind, a perverted mind from a position of lust and debauchery. These same scientists during the time of communism and the USSR destroyed churches and said there is no God. And I want to touch on another subject. Many married priests, with a wife and a skirt at their side every night, like to talk about abstinence, even though they have never actually practiced it themselves. They have wives every night, but they give advice about abstinence. That's silly. It's the same as asking a non-karate fighter how to do the splits. There's a saying, a man who's full doesn't know a man who's hungry. It's the same here. A married man will never understand a single man and his thoughts, emotions and struggles. It is simply impossible. You have to ask real single, abstinent men, not fat priests and pastors who also go to brothels because there aren't enough wives. I think you know what I mean.
  14. It is very important to keep the body from falling into fornication, but this alone is not sufficient for godly purity, which sees God. It is incumbent upon us to purify the very soul from voluptuous thoughts, dreams, and sensations.
  15. Only abstinence from sex and masturbation is true. Like the ancient monks and ascetics. If a man sleeps with a woman and considers it abstinence, it is nonsense and the ratings don't work properly. It is self-deception. In the Bible, abstinence is the total refusal of intimacy. If you sleep with a woman but don't masturbate, it's not abstinence. And worldly self-deception is like comparing an MMA fighter to a non-contact fighter flailing around in the air. Both have ratings. You know what I mean? Only total abstinence from sex and masturbation. That's abstinence. That's the right thing to do. If you have sex, reset the day counter. It's only fair.
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    Тебя услышали. Успехов в борьбе
  17. ...Let him who abstains not think that the temperance he keeps is a work of his own power, but of the grace of Christ. For Christ, through the Holy Spirit, gives temperance to those who first desired to be delivered from their passions and delivered from sin, and resisted it, but all were overcome by it, and were weighed down by their weakness; to such... Christ granteth abstinence, that they may know, judging by the abstinence with which they now abstain from all sin, what great evil they have been delivered from, and that, when the very movement to evil is taken from them, they may glorify God and the Father in humility... Simeon the Theologian
  18. I used to hang out in the men's movement, or md for short, for a long time. But I somehow outgrew it at one point. I went to the forum, and there as usual pagan Brissen propagandizes sleeping with prostitutes and how cool it is, and Seleznev assimilates him and blocks all the undesirable. I wrote a simple forum about abstinence and you know what happened? They did not benefit from my topic! Because I spoke out against masturbation and walking on the furies, for which it is guys, the creators of md, savage rage. It pained them to read this and they just moved my important topic to humor! So, all these left front movements, feminism, men's movements and other allenisms, mgtow- they're not interested in your spiritual growth. No. They are interested in TRUE. Fornication, bypassing marriage, since there are many misogynists out there, watching porn and "rejoicing." That's what they want! I immediately deleted my ac after this outrage. My path with md finally parted...forever. They don't care how long you've been in their ranks. Start saying new things and you'll be treated cruelly. These people don't understand the miserable end of the path they've chosen. Watching all these movements, it's just "blood" and tears. One steals his daughter from his wife, apparently to have some quiet fun, "leader of the men's movement", a lost prodigal like most of them. The other rolls into extremism and nihilism. All of these worldly systems work for the worldly system itself. As for abstinence, I think another demon came out of me. Spit it out in a bucket of seed pellets. Abstinence and holy water really cleanses the demons inside. Moving on....
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  19. A prime example of demonization. All of these Eastern practices and Meditations are from the evil one. I myself went through this circus at one time, nothing good. As for games, I have a kind of addiction to chess. I've been training for a long time and reached about the level of the KMS...used to be addicted to RPGs like Neverwinter Nights and Warcraft. Overcame it. I think chess isn't that bad, but it's still a hell of a game. Thinking about what to do. The problem is that it calms and distracts from stress. Who's struggling with what here?
  20. I really find it difficult to imagine Christ having a problem with people playing chess. He wasn't against the apostles drinking wine to decompress, and focussing the conscious mind lets other parts of the mind do their job. You can make an idol of self-denial too, you know.

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