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    RANK 13 | 90+ days

    RANK 12 | 84-89 days

    RANK 11 | 77-83 days

    RANK 10 | 70-76 days

    RANK 9 | 63-69 days

    RANK 8 | 56-62 days

    RANK 7 | 49-55 days

    RANK 6 | 42-48 days

    RANK 5 | 35-41 days

    RANK 4 | 28-34 days
    recon117 | Roma | Hastatus​

    RANK 3 | 21-27 days
    19student | Milky Way | Space Engineer​

    RANK 2 | 14-20 days
    Prussard | Roma | Gladiator​

    RANK 1 | 7-13 days
    bluemax4 | France | Burglar
    Omniscient Octopus | United Kingdom | Beggar
    control your life | United Kingdom | Beggar​

    RANK 0 | 0-6 days
    The Mask! | France | Voyeur
    Crusader18 | Roma | Slave
    Bombadil | United Kingdom | Prisoner
    Dianerose25 | Elements | Hydrogen
    Chris Aurelius Denver | Roma | Slave
    Rising Force | France | Voyeur
    ianas | Roma | Slave
    Ajikan | Milky Way | Incel
    ⏳⏳⏳ | Roma | Slave
    Chris2301 | United Kingdom | Prisoner
    ZYost316 | United Kingdom | Prisoner
    ManAtWork | Milky Way | Incel
    Solomon435 | Roma | Slave​


    Spare me the details. How do I join?
    1. If you haven't already, set up your nofap counter.
    2. Sign up here. You'll enter a link to your account and the faction you want to join. If everything goes right, your reboot should be tracked and you should get a link to your new badge.
    3. (Optional)Put the badge in your signature. Go here and click on the Image tool. Enter the link you got in Step 2.
    4. You're ready to go!
    What is this about?
    You'll get ranked based on the length of your streak.

    You'll get a badge with the rank. That's pretty much it.

    Who is this for?
    Early stage rebooters. The challenge is meaningless once the 90 is passed.

    So what is a rank?
    It's a title of the occupation or the military/political position that your character currently holds. There are 5 factions: the Roman Republic/Empire, Napoleonic France, industrial era Britain, our galaxy in the near future and the fifth faction is chemical elements. Each faction has its unique chain of ranks.

    How do I get a rank?
    Each successfully completed week corresponds to a new rank. First rank (rank 0) is held by rebooters in their first week, second rank by rebooters in their second week, etc. The highest rank (rank 13) is awarded at day 90. Elements faction works the same except every rank has 7 subranks. Example: if you're on day 24 you're on rank 3 like members of the other factions but the name appearing on your badge is that of subrank 24 = element 24, 'Chromium'.

    How do I get a badge?
    You'll receive a link to it when you sign up.

    I joined a faction but now I'd like to choose a different one.
    Sorry, not allowed.

    I relapsed. What happens next?
    After you update your counter, your rank drops to 0.

    My badge shows a different day count than my counter!
    The badges take a couple of hours to update.

    I can't see my name on the list!
    The list gets updated once a day.

    Something else bothers me.
    If you post in the thread or send me a PM I'll try to respond.

    How do I update my rank if I relapse or reach the next week?
    You don't. It happens automatically.

    1. If you relapsed, just reset your nofap counter.
    2. If you completed another week, you don't need to do anything, just wait..
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  2. The Mask!

    The Mask! Fapstronaut

    You are hilarious! I'm still not clear about the nofap day counter. Does it get replaced by your counter?
  3. ⏳⏳⏳

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    I clarified stuff a bit. Read the last two Qs.
  4. The Mask!

    The Mask! Fapstronaut

    Your badge looks cool. Cooler than nofap's for sure. Thanks!
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    MASTER MONK Fapstronaut

    Looks nice! How'd you make the counter?
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  6. Leo Szilard

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    Prepare to feel the wrath of Rome.
    I will win , you can all quit now
  7. Leo Szilard

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    Part 0

    I have suffered because of my enslavement to instant gratification , I shall no more be the human driven by animal impulses but an animal governed by rational thought.
    First Victory is over Self

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  8. ⏳⏳⏳

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    If Rome developed nuclear weapons, the Teutons wouldn't stand a chance.
  9. ⏳⏳⏳

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  10. The Mask!

    The Mask! Fapstronaut

    yeah, said the slave.
  11. The Mask!

    The Mask! Fapstronaut

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  12. Leo Szilard

    Leo Szilard Fapstronaut

    Good comment from a dockworker , All you do is unload :)

    MASTER MONK Fapstronaut

    Too complicated. But I like it
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  14. ⏳⏳⏳

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    Okay, I automated the last bit away. The member list will now update itself once every 24 hours.
  15. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    Too bad I am ineligible for this! lol
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  16. I advise you keep it that way :)
  17. ⏳⏳⏳

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    There's a solution...
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  18. ⏳⏳⏳

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    I'm getting kicked out of the forums in 3.. 2..
  19. ⏳⏳⏳

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    More than a week into the challenge and nobody relapsed yet. Great job!

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