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    Welcome to the Diamond Challenge.

    PMO is unfortunately not a game, it is harmful addiction.
    We need to remember that quitting is a lifestyle change -not some days sprint.

    The challenge aims to give some guys a cause for a determined effort.
    Participants need to be honest with their reports, single at the moment, and should want to quit p, m and o.

    (Challenge began April 1st. Registrations closed )

    7 Phases :

    1st Phase - 30 Days (April)
    2nd Phase - 60 Days (May)
    3rd Phase - 90 Days (June)
    4th Phase - 5 months (Jul + Aug)
    5th Phase - 7 months (Sep + Oct)
    6th Phase - 9 months (Nov + Dec)
    Final 7th Phase - Year (Jan+Feb+Mar)

    #_______RULES SUMMARY: ______#

    #1 Be honest with your relapse reports.

    #2 If you relapse, you report it in private message with @Mark_Best33
    - do not post relapses in this thread.

    #3 The Challenge will be terminated if the majority has more than 2 relapses in each phase duration.

    #4 When each phase ends, a percentage of the most relapsed participants will complete, and won't proceed to the next Phase.

    A relapse can be either of P, M, O (aka Monk mode)
    Edging and P-Subs included
    Since we abstain from orgasm, participants are currently single.


    #1 Relapse Reporting:

    Do not post your relapses here in the challenge thread , and you don't have to check-in your days, like in other challenges.
    * If you relapse, you need to send a private message to @Mark_Best33.
    * The day each Phase ends, you need to send a Relapse Validation.

    Validation means a log of all your relapses since April 1st , either previously noted or not.
    You send a Validation even if you have 0 relapses
    Validations should be sent on the 30th of these months: [April,May,June,August,October,December,March(2021)]
    Validations in the 29th or 31st are ok. Later or sooner are not valid.
    If you don’t send your Validation at the time you will need to be removed.
    Validation Example

    15/4/2020 mo
    18/4/2020 pmo
    9/5/2020 edging
    3/6/2020 mo
    11/6/2020 psubs


    Total relapses : 5

    #2 Honesty.
    The challenge and participation are futile if a member hides relapses. Be decent and admit all your relapses during your participation.
    The reports will not be public. Nobody will be blamed in case of challenge termination, as it can only be caused collectively.

    #3 What counts as relapse:

    (P) Porn and P-subs. Anything you try to see or search that you know will arouse you.
    (M) Masturbation ,Edging and any self-stimulation or stroking.
    (O) Orgasm.
    Wetdreams don't count.

    #4 Challenging.
    The challenge includes both personal and collective accountability.
    Your efforts will influence both your participation and the progress of the Challenge.
    A. In each Phase end, a percentage of most relapsed participants complete and will not proceed to the next phase.
    They take the badge of the corresponding Phase , and their relapses no longer affect the average.
    (Percentage will be close to 10% . Case of equals has been taken in mind. There is a minimum relapse count necessary for elimination)
    B. In each Phase end, there will be an Average Relapse Count of all active participants for the duration of that phase.
    If this average is greater than 2, the whole challenge will be terminated.
    Relapses from previous phases are not accounted in the average.
    (Will not apply to 1st phase. Completed members are not accounted.)
    (Challenge cannot be terminated by few members with many relapses- only by collective result)

    #5 Being single.
    The challenge revolves around the fight of a single person who quits porn, masturbation , and therefore does not orgasm .
    Married/in relationship guys also fight, but some aspects are different.
    You participate if you are single and for as long as you remain so. It's perfectly fine to go into relationship
    -in this case you simply inform us "no longer single".
    "No longer single " participants are considered completed members (like in #4a)

    #6 As an achievement system, each Phase has a typical achievement Badge. Only eliminated participants receive a badge- the rest keep on .
    Bronze , Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond for each Phase respectively. Those who can make it after the year will be Elite Diamonds.

    #7 Relapse reports will be private and not public - that's why you message them. We want to discourage competitive spirit and excusing mindset.
    You do not compete the other participants , you fight alongside with them.
    The goal is not to stay below 2 relapses/phase. The goal is 0 relapses from now on.
    We want the best collective effort. Only global averages and completed members will be announced.

    #8 Feel free to chat in the challenge thread.
    Prefer positive and encouraging thought rather than the opposite.
    Do not share relapses in the thread- it has been shown to discourage others.
    Instead of setbacks share your wins , how you overcame one temptation, or where do you notice progress in.

    #9 Phases Full Table
    Phases info and durations

    1st Phase 30 Days < 1 month > Apr 30th , 2020 . 30-days Bronze
    2nd Phase 60 Days < 2 months> May 30th, 2020 30-days Silver
    3rd Phase 90 Days < 3 months > Jun 30th , 2020 . 30-days Gold
    4th Phase 150 Days < 5 months> Aug 30th, 2020 60-days Platinum
    5th Phase 210 Days < 7 months> Oct 30th, 2020 60-days Ruby
    6th Phase 270 Days < 9 months> Dec 30th, 2020 60-days Sapphire
    Final 7th Phase 365 Days < Year> Mar 30th, 2021 90-days Diamonds

    These are the dates you need to message your Validation, or 1day before/after.

    Optional questions to participants :

    Think of all the damage PMO has done to people and to you in specific.
    Most of us realize only a part of it each time. We don't need to list all the consequences.
    They can be found and reminded. We minimize the seriousness easily
    Because of dopamine. Because everybody does it. Because it is "common"
    PMO is a serious and devastating addiction. It has ruined lives and families.
    But quitting is possible , fellow examples prove this.
    Quitting is not a break from PMO, it is a life now on without PMO.
    Diamond is incredibly hard and sturdy. We need to have adamant like determination and not bend by urges or triggers.
    Imagine yourself free of this slavery .
    Diamond forms under tough conditions but becomes very valuable . There will be struggling times, but being free, clean and healthy is incredibly valuable.


    Phase 1 Average Relapse Count : 1.26
    Eliminated :

    @ANameThatStartsWithK @BravelyKegger @Control it man @WhyNotStop @Dahlazycoda @Finalito @Ipolit @KeepComingBack @LongWayToGo @Master Chips @Mathi5 @Mithras @NeverGoingBackThere @OrpheusOdyssey @Ronaldo Machuca @Tim9910 @Zapy97 (quit) @ShinyDiamonds (quit)
    @BrianSteel (no longer single)

    Phase 2 Average Relapse Count :1.66

    @frequency @thikk @NeverSurrender823 @depeche69 @Dimash's 6th octave @Awakened91 @ArthurB @slb_123 (quit) @kammaSati (quit)
    @RBYG_flag (no longer single) @itz_gioc (no longer single)


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    Interesting concept. More power to you. Sadly would be unable to join. Check out the boot camp tho *wink *
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    count me in
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  5. Master Chips

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    I would like to sign
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    I'm in.
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  7. Tim9910

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    Im in too.
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  8. I want to be a part of this awesome challenge too!
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  9. Brahmachari 17

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  10. I. AM. IN.

    And for those of you out there who have signed up or are planning to, I wish you all the best and I look forward to helping everyone out the best way I can. :emoji_smile:
  11. Hey everyone, IAM IN, best of luck to everyone, may the lord be with you through this challenge. Take care guys.

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    I'm in, great concept, I love the way it's structured like a competition or a marathon! Good luck guys!
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  13. Control it man

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    I am in too man
    AND WE WILL DO IT !!!!!!!
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  14. Yessir good to have you on board. Good luck mate
  15. Control it man

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    Good luck to you too man.
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  16. Sri Holdanut

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    Count me in, you won't be hearing about any relapse from me though - I'm balls deep into this shit
  17. RBYG_flag

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    Balls deep you said it G
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  18. Ὀρφεύς

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    My Journal
    Ok, I relapsed right now after 2 days, but I am starting to understand my demons very well, so I guess in the next streak i will surpass my record... So... In.
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    i am in bro :):):)
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