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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Mark_Best33, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Well man, it's tinder. If a woman join this you can expect her to not be a "wonderful kind" of woman. I've nothing against it. I tought about it too. It works if you use like my friend above said, as a training for the real world.
    I do not believe you will meet the woman of your life on tinder, maybe you will find a girlfriend for the time being :)
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  2. Pone

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    Am not really good at keeping up online conversations or texting girls. So I kinda prefer phone calls and meeting up in person. So I really get little to no thoughts of going for online dating.
    Cause on a normal day I see upto 100 pretty girls at campus or on the street.
    And in this quarantine I see upto 4 or 3 hot girls a day. I think I would place my bets more on cold approach. At now am kinda used to rejections they nolonger hurt as they used before
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  4. Matt_Es

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    I totally agree with you dudes. Something, anything is better than nothing, and yeah practicing for the real world and shit. It's just so artificial.

    Me too! Can't stand texting and messaging.

    I've just signed up to do some volunteering work with a van that washes clothes for and showers the homeless. There's meant to be people in my age group, I'm 37. Thought that could be a good place to meet women.

    If this lockdown chaos wasn't happening I'd join some groups too. There's a neighbourhood house down the road where you can do classes for cheap. I was thinking try some art classes and/or yoga.
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  5. Marcus Aurelius

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    Lucky you. :p
    I actually think I wouldn't mind messaging once I've started dating someone. But establishing a connection that way is... hard.
    Good ideas! I was just about to get involved in some school groups and some other things when the lockdown hit. I was actually going to go to my first event with a school group the same week the virus was declared a pandemic. :(

    Once groups can start gathering again, I'm going to hit the ground running.
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    You what's sad is that I have to keep avoiding them cause of some discovery I made today
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    What's really sad is the way triggers can disguise themselves.
    So today morning I see a pretty girl walking and I decided to talk to her.
    And in a few minutes of talking am already a massive erection.
    But the main issue is that after the conversation which was ok. I left feeling very strong carving. Which last for almost two hours. I had to keep walking around so that I don't fall victim to them.
    There is way the shadow all your rational Decision and the only thing you thinking of is sex or Orgasm. Like a dam that flooding and you cant contain it anymore.
    It's like strong wind blowing you away. Or something trying to break free but your trying to hold it back but is fighting like it's life depends on it.
    That's what is sad. Apart from porn these girls are also a trigger and I have to avoid them. The same way I avoid porn.
    It's really weird cause I start PMO cause it was the easier way I could see how sex was since I had failed to get a girl.
    Now I have to avoid them for some good time so that my brain can rewire itself and heal...
    Keep strong guyz we shall make it.

    Some insights on hypofrontaliy
    https://www.****religious content****.com/2014/02/28/hypofrontality/
  8. Pone

    Pone Fapstronaut

    Hey I found this amazing site and really like what they do. It can help with stoping PMO. The only I failed to join since I don't have credit card and not really financially stable to subscribe to them but those intreseted take a look

    https://www.****religious content****.com/
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    Hello guys,

    Sorry I haven’t been posting on here for a while. I am no longer single. I’m with a woman right now. We’ve been spending so much time together.

    I’m currently doing NoFap - not Semen retention right now.

    I hope you guys make it to the end of this journey. Do not give up. Pray and repent from your lustful desires of the flesh. Let Jesus enter into your hearts and minds. For he is the way the way, the truth, and the life. Remain vigilant in your journey, and resist the urges and temptations from the devil. Thank you for the challenge @Mark_Best33

    God Bless!
  10. fg4795

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    There are many ways to drop out of this challenge.
    I am glad you chose the best one.
    All the best for your relationship my friend.
    Thanks for being here.
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    You are like a soldier who done his duty
    All best for you m8

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  13. SpacePunk

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    Hey guys

    I haven't been updating much at all on the website as a whole. I've been very busy. Things are going very well.
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  15. fg4795

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    Basically it's the human tought that, since I screwed up one time then let's screw up it more times to "make it worth"
    It's a bad feature of our brains.
    We avoided P, then we lose, but only one time.
    And your brain say "Hey man, I avoided it for 50 days and you are giving me only 1 video?" You've lost anyway, you will never go that long again, so you keep on doing it, because you are feeling "desperate".
    That's chaser effect.
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  16. Ozo

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    So far, this challenge has brought me a lot. I have a much better body feeling and can put myself in a different person.
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  17. Pone

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    Hmm thanks.
    Am if that's the meaning then I normally get them in the first 3days of a relapse
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  18. Pone

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  19. Mark_Best33

    Mark_Best33 Fapstronaut

    Hello everyone and good evening !
    I hope we are all doing well and keep our fights up.

    As the challenge progresses, it will be nice to get to know each other .
    So following are some optional questions that you can quote and answer if you want.
    You can answer them in the thread ( you can copy and answer under each question)
    They will help us know more about other participants, and also are a nice way to share experiences and suggestions.

    1. What is your age? Do you live alone?

    When did you realize that porn and masturbation is harmful to you,
    and when did you begin your efforts to abstain from it? (age or events that led you to it)

    What is the longest you have been clean of masturbation, porn, and PMO?
    What helped you reach those good streaks, and why did it break?

    4. Why do you want to quit PMO?
    What goals you want to achieve and which benefits are you looking to reap when you have won ?

    Tell us how the last year (2019-2020) has been for you and your quitting efforts.

    . Which things or situations trigger you the most, or make it hard to stay clean?
    What is your typical way to end up relapsing, and what is your plan to overcome it?

    How much have you experienced each of those because of PMO?
    - ED ( erectile dysfunction)
    - DE ( delayed ejaculation),
    - Shame, religious conscience , guilt
    - Death Grip ( orgasm only through masturbation )
    - Fatigue , sleepiness, lack of motivation
    - HOCD , homosexual attractions or thoughts
    - Sexual tolerance, decreased sensitivity, seeking extremities to be aroused
    - Depression, low self-esteem,

    Give us (up to) 5 most effective tips that have proved to be helping you stay clean .

    Answering the questions (all or some) is optional of course.
  20. MLetho

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    1. 22 with mates/with parents
    2. Its hard to say, in 2019 i started thinking about NOFAP.
    My main reason to NOFAP, meditation and self development is met some girl. She`s in relationship unfortunately but i took it personal. I want to do everything to show her that she made wrong decision and people around me that they underestimated me
    3. Current streak is my longest. My secret of this streak is motivation. I have ambition to become real man and be attracted to girls, many girls
    4. I want to end with PMO because i want to make sex, not watch sex
    I want to become respected, strong (physically and mentally), make good money, have friends, achieve some successes. Become the best version of Marek. And girls. I feel worse than people around me cause i never had even girlfriend. I want to change dramatically.
    5. 2019 was a year of Change. My whole life between second part of 2016 and 2019 till i met this girl was one big setback.
    I started Master's degree and in October i think it was deepest point of my life. Meeting this girl was a awaken for me. I started slowly get out of this shit. Now i know that only hard work can save me.
    6. The biggest triggers for me are thoughts. When i start thinking that i will never be with some beautiful girl i am starting giving up or i see some nice girl in TV/internet and i am starting realise that i am miserable and alone. Every battle wins and loses in your mind. When you believe in success and purpose, any pic/video will not trigger you. You know that you have mission to do.
    I never relapsed
    7. Mainly low self esteem and shame. I dont know how strong it is connected with fap. Sadly i am a virgin
    8. 1. Do something that develop you, reading books, studying and so on
    2. GYM
    3. Find strong purpose to end with it. It is not easy. You can lock yourself in room in silence with notebook and something to write and look into your mind and soul. Only you know what drives you
    4. If you have a trusted friend share with him. I did this and i don know if it helped me but i am strong introvert.
    5. Train your will. Cold showers, sitting with straight back, making to do list and filling it

    I am waiting for your stories mates

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