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  1. Officially in this challenge now. Looking forward to fighting the good fight with you all. Never surrender to PMO, brothers!
  2. itz_gioc

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    Hey guys,

    Just FYI I’m still going to take the diamond challenge and remain resilient for another year because that is the plan and I wouldn’t want to fail this team. So since I’m already half a year into my semen retention. My life has definitely changed for the better, and I WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IT LIKE THAT. Please visit my journal on my profile if you want to see the changes I’ve been through.

    Past mistakes > Solution

    I’m not gonna lie my journey has been rough, and went through so many trials and errors. The reason I relapsed the first couple times is because I was experiencing urges like crazy and figured it’s okay to “edge”.. But this wasn’t the answer.. it opened doors for demons to temp me into PMO. I understand if your struggling because I WENT THROUGH THE SAME THING. We also live in this day in age where anything can be accessible to PMO. Technology and temptations go hand in hand. You can’t live without your phone right? You want to follow other people on social media to check their status right? So I know personally how the first couple weeks and even months can be the hardest for most of you. But I’ll tell you now, the grass is greener on the other side.

    Most of the men on NoFap believe that they can achieve the first 90 days on there own without any help. But I witness many of them fail because of their pride and lust(addictions). Some say they have superpowers? Obviously that’s not true. Some of them really troll around and expect you to believe what they say. You will not expect to get far if you (just you) expect something to happen. Please keep that in mind.

    In the long run you will experience female attraction, and once you let go all your energy, you will go back to day 0 (This is a fact). I highly recommend conserving it for the long run once you reach that point. The female attraction is part of it but won’t be focused that much into your life until you find someone special. Do NOT waste it with a random person. Make sure she is a godly woman that is in it for the long run. This is what I’ve learned through so many NoFap posts.

    So what’s the solution? No man should ever try to do this on your own. So here is my solution to many of my problems. I recommend eating a healthy diet, exercise, AND I HIGHLY recommend praying to God(Jesus) to start building a relationship with God. Pray to him and have him help you through this epidemic and throughout your life. I know many of you don’t want to hear this. And I understand that some of you have a different belief. But most of the NoFap community that are experiencing semen retention feel closer to God than ever before. We are literally made in God’s image. I’m NOT saying to follow the pope, follow a certain religion, or follow any traditions. I’m saying follow Jesus Christ. But how? Start by being humble: open your HEARTS and open your MIND. As in take my suggestion into consideration and whatever that demon is saying in your head, do NOT listen to it. Now please consider reading the Holy Bible (New Testament KJV or NIV) and read it with an open mind and open heart. Pray to him and repent (Ask him to forgive your sins and try not to do it anymore). Jesus (God’s words) really changed my whole outlook in life. Since I use to be addicted to games, alcohol, pleasures, and of course PMO- he completely changed me 180 degrees. You will no longer feel attached to the worldly things anymore. And to be honest God has given me a whole new perspective in life. He will give you peace beyond all understanding. And this is a definite fact. Please do your own research if your having a hard time to grasp it. “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.” The sin of this world has ruined us men into believing GOOD is BAD and BAD is GOOD. That’s why many of you have a hard time believing what I’m telling you to be true or being very skeptical about it. IM TELLING YOU THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, I USE TO BE LIKE YOU. I’m literally telling you guys the answer to many of your problems in life. Every single thought you have in your mind is a battlefield between angels and demons. I’m almost half a year and still plan to take this challenge for another year. Isn’t that not a miracle? Just think about it.

    You won’t be able to do this on your own trust me. God will be the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Holy Bible is 100% accurate so I wouldn’t see why not to trust it. Please do your own research. Many of us have that time NOW because we’re stuck in our houses in this epidemic. If you still believe that YOU have the power to save yourself, and not GOD, then do what you must do. But know this, God is watching and at the end of the day you (your soul) will end up somewhere. I’m not the judge. Only God is. So take my message with open arms please.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me. And keep me updated. I’d like to help :)

    God Bless
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  3. thikk

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    For everyone that is struggling with urges to peek, I've recently learnt that continuous study of the negative effects of pmo, techniques for change etc really helps to keep the mind clean. There is a memeber of nofap called hmhu who has been translating the nofap journey of someone who has been clean for a few years. There are so many lessons in the book or the posts however you choose to view it. The point though is that I found that just reading a page a day keeps the urges away a bit. Hope this helps.
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  4. Mark_Best33

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    Yes that helped me a lot with quitting too - keeping in mind all the harm it does
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  5. MLetho

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    Hello Guys

    For me the biggest trigger is my past. When i am starting realise how much time i lost and how much i didnt achieve i feel hopeless. This is thin line between stay in Nofap and relapse. Epidemic make impossible some of my goals to achieve, this is frustrating.
    But I know that only alternative for change (for better) - Being average and miserable.

    Take care of yourselves guys
  6. Ὀρφεύς

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    My Journal
    Also, today I felt another trigger which I think is quite unique to me. While I am in nofap I give everything just to not masturbate, so I always ,when first days urges suppresses, I start procastinating and being lazy, which takes as long as nofap. How you defeat that laziness? It didn't go even after >30 days and I had to fap to fade it. That laziness, not capable to start do things is one of the reason why I relapse. When I study in nofap season I struggle because every hard thing gives me sexual excitement(yeah it's very weird ;d)

    TL;DR Today I didn't had urges, but I had laziness because of nofap
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  7. Raven King

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    Hey friends. Hope you are doing well and going strong. I wanted to share this video with you on why hard mode is the best way to recover from PMO addiction.
    He makes some really strong points, in my option. Anyways, hope you all have a good weekend!
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  8. Subzero-32

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    This video is a gem, I watch it every now and then because I prefer the hardmode, for me universal man is hands down the best source of information, techniques and motivation, I watched almost all of his videos and it's been a great help for me, it really helped me stay on track and achieve some progress
    Thanks for sharing, I'll rewatch it now, it would help a lot considering we're in the challenge right now, we got this
    You too, Have a good weekend!
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  9. Raven King

    Raven King Fapstronaut

    Glad you enjoyed it. I find Mark Queppet's videos being very helpful as well. His strongest argument for hard mode, in my opinion, is that you should be able to live without sex. This is very true. If we make excuses for ourselves and do this half-assed (Allow for P, M, or O), then the recovery will not be successful, because our previous experience with sex or orgasm are as addicts, and this will cause us to relapse. We need to fully reset.
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  10. Subzero-32

    Subzero-32 Fapstronaut

    I totally agree, I think the ultimate recovery is achieved through hardmode
    Because it's not just an addiction to porn and dopamine surges, it's an addiction to arousal and bodily senses, any kind of sexual activity will trigger this
    We need to fully appreciate and enjoy life and deal with it's stresses in a non-sexual way
    That's the mindset I have, healing will eventually happen as a result
    We tend to think a lot about healing and benefits, but I think the main fight is to contain and control the sexual beast inside of us and use it's power to enrich our life not destroy it
  11. Ozo

    Ozo Fapstronaut

    I can hardly stand it if I remain completely absent-minded, I become totally depressed, and umpteen negative thoughts come up from childhood and adolescence. and other situations.
    withdrawal symptoms?
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  12. Titu

    Titu Fapstronaut

    I have had this strong procrastination problem for years, while doing PMO or nofap. I think in your case it might be abstinence symptom, your brain has grown accustomed for easy fix of dopamine from pmo and takes time to balance itself to get pleasure and motivation from more mundane things and tasks or studying.
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  13. Subzero-32

    Subzero-32 Fapstronaut

    Sounds like withdrawal symptoms, Hold on and it will pass eventually
    You need to address and deal with your underlying problems which in the first place made you addicted, when you let go of your coping and escape mechanisms you will face all what you've been trying to run from all the time
  14. Mark_Best33

    Mark_Best33 Fapstronaut

    maybe a little bit withdrawal, but each one faces their own struggle now with the quarantine and the isolation
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  15. Mark_Best33

    Mark_Best33 Fapstronaut

    This gets me both while quitting and while not. PMO never fixed this problem for me , i would feel immovable before a relapse because of the urges and immovable after the relapse because of feeling like garbage.

    Motivation is certainly better when while clean than when relapsed.
    The only thing that has helped with this is scheduling 3 things i want to do today and getting them done .
  16. thikk

    thikk Fapstronaut

    There is actually a scientific reason why non-hard mode formulas are less successful. Essentially, the reward pathway in the brain links pmo together. By feeding it one of those elements (let's say porn), it does not only 'light up' the porn pathway, it activates the pmo pathway because as far as the brain is concerned the pmo system is connected. So you really need to cut out all pmo so that these associations are completely destroyed and you start afresh.
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  17. fg4795

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    We learned a lot about each other through our triggers, but that's one thing that will make us a real team.
    We want to win, and we want to win together, so my question for you all.
    Why have you joined Nofap?

    Of course I will answer too, just let me think about it well :)
  18. MLetho

    MLetho Fapstronaut

    I will use quotes from my favourite rapper J Cole

    "I'm searching and praying and hoping for something
    I know I'm gon' see it, I know that it's coming
    Lord, Lord"

    "I know you desperate for a change let the pen glide
    But the only real change come from inside (Come from inside)"

    I found myself in a difficult situation. I met girl and she rejected me. I understood that I am miserable guy who cant attract any valuable women. I understood that i dont have any purpose in my life and many problems with myself.
    Now quote from Kendrick Lamar

    "It was always me vs the world
    Until I found it's me vs me"

    I changed my perception and i understand that i have to deal with my problems. World and other people hurted me many times but I am the only one person who can bring happiness to my life.

    Nofap is only part of my part of my activities which should help me. I have started learning about self-development, learning English, training Muay Thai, reading books or writing diary. I think that NOFAP have to be only important part of the Change, We have to do other things to create best version of yourselves

  19. Well my first reason was, i had enough of feeling quilt and shame everytime i PMO'd and i was tired of failing to quit on my own and i needed some sort of help i had no idea i would be shraing my experiences with the world, i had no idea what i was getting myself into but somehow iam here and very grateful for everyone's support :) and now my reason for staying and fighting this addiction is i want to be a good future husband and a father, i dont want my future family to suffer because of my silly choices, addictions and what not. :)
  20. HPE

    HPE Fapstronaut

    I actually wrote down my reasons for quitting sometime ago. They are listed by degree of importance:
    1. Seek God's love, escape hell and go to heaven (I am religious)
    2. Find Love
    3. Limitless motivation
    4. Improve all aspects of life and accomplish goals and dreams.
    5. Improve cognitive ability (Memory, focus, IQ...)
    6. Succeed at college.
    7. More pleasure in other activities.
    8. More energy
    9. Get rid of social anxiety, loneliness
    10. Increase Testosterone (More muscle, more facial hair...)
    11. Increase attractiveness (Alpha Male, more confidence, better skin..)
    12. Stop time wasting
    13. Cure PIED

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