1.5 years of cold showering everyday, my experience and advice

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Washwaverr, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Robinthehood

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    The 'getting things done' mindset is exactly the reason I no longer take minutes and minutes to build up the courage to turn the cold water on. One morning I was standing there and I realised all the time I was wasting, I was going to get in there anyway, may as well not wait, get it done and then I can get on with something else. I saw how I wasted so much time on that and also for other things, over-thinking many things, never just diving in headlong and doing it. So, I changed that immediately and it now leads me to other things in my life that I now just do, instead of putting off the inevitable.
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  2. Washwaverr

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    My brain never stopped trying to deter me, but the habit gets stronger and eventually the brain will have no power over your choice
  3. Washwaverr

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    Thank you, hope you succeed as well, its hard but not impossible !
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    I love cold showers but I stopped doing them because I been told it makes you constipated , and I am.
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    Started cold showers at the gym a while ago when their water heater broke. Most people skipped the shower but I went in. It was shocking at first but after a minute it felt ok and invigorating. Now I always have a cold or very cool shower after a workout.
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    Absolutly true, I wasted so much time of my life doing stupid things only for the reason of not doing the inevitable. I always found excuses to not. Not anymore...
  7. Robinthehood

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    I've not experienced that.

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