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    Greetings all, yesterday I celebrated one free from PMO. And by no means has it been easy. Yet the benefits are there. Today I would like to recap what I did, how I benefited, and what needs work.

    What’s helped...
    Is doing new activities: such as exercising, reading and writing.
    Less time behind a screen: such as phone or computer. I try to put my phone away at least an hour before bedtime.
    Increased spiritual devotion: prayer and Bible study! So much to learn!
    Made myself accountable: to friends and church leaders in which I can reach out when I am struggling with temptation. This is essential as the shame from our sin keeps us from opening up, or sharing every time you feel tempted. Yet better to reach out than fall!
    Cold showers: self-explanatory
    Created incentives: for instance, I an app that gives me badges after abstaining for certain periods of time so I don't wanna break that streak. Also for my one month celebration, I took myself out to eat breakfast at IHOP! And boy, was it worth it. Put incentives for each month, that way you have motivation. If you fall, then that is postponed until the next one.

    Some of my benefits...
    More motivated, energetic and happy: honestly, it's true. You do feel better rather than guilty, shame and tired all the time. Last thing I hated feeling was slow and sluggish so why put myself through that all over again??
    Some self control: Dealing with thoughts and temptations are still difficult but now I realize, wait I can put a stop to this. (still need work though)
    Seeing sin for what it is: yes, sin is sin no matter how pretty it makes itself out to be. It is a lie from the pit of hell and to act upon it is to partake. In short, to live in sin is to live a lie. Push forward in the truth that is God's Word.

    What’s needed...
    More self control (especially in the mind): Unguarded thoughts can lead to relapse. I believe this is where many end up falling back into it because even if you stay away from porn, you still have pornographic thoughts and images in your head. Moreover, outdoor temptations are still difficult to deal with as urges run rampant.

    Depending on God in moments of weakness: easier said then done yet "trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him and He will straighten out your paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6). So true, as we are to trust in God as we tend to self-deviate into our flesh. Let Him be our escape! Let every moment be an opportunity to grow in faith (James 1:2-4).

    Accountability software: Covenant eyes is something I'm considering as it blocks unwanted websites and sends reports to your accountability partner about your browsing history. You can add as many accountability partners so the more the merrier! This shouldn't be fought alone. Not now. Not ever.

    Biblical meditation: Trying to add Scripture to combat the lies of lust. Here's a few that I try to think of

    "I will not set before my eyes
    anything that is worthless.
    I hate the work of those who fall away;
    it shall not cling to me.
    A perverse heart shall be far from me;
    I will know nothing of evil." - Psalm 101:3-4

    "I say to the Lord, you are my Lord, I have no good apart from you" -Psalm 16:1

    "But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh to gratify it's desires." -Romans 13:14

    So there you have it friends. My one month progress report. This hasn't been easy at all. After all, being bound in pornography addiction all these years makes your brain accustomed to sexual connotations that beget temptations and relapses. Dopamine rushes that equate to that of heroin makes this hard to quit once and for all. That's why we're on this thread right? That's why so many men and women are bound into this. Sadly, it runs rampant among the body of Christ. So many congregations right now has people who sin away in secrecy. And I'm tired of this.

    I'm tired of living like this. I'm tired of dishonoring God who has just been so gracious, so loving towards me when I know for sure I don't deserve it. But we have a Savior who died for us, and makes intercession for us on this very moment. Wherever you may be at, be encouraged for Christ has not given up on you.

    So continued prayers for me. Longest I've been without porn was 3 months but that was in 2014, but even then I didn't have a game plan like I do now. Trust me folks, willpower alone will never get you far so you gotta think ahead. Plus we have Christ, who has conquered this sin once and for all on the cross. If it doesn't begin with Christ, then all our works amount to self-righteousness which is filthy rags.

    So what you think? would love to hear your comments below as well as what have you been doing to help in your own struggle against porn. May more progress be made to the glory of God. Amen.
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  2. What a terrific encouragement! Thank you for writing this all up. It sounds like it has been an amazing month!

    I use Accountable2You software, and if you'd ever like to become APs on there, let me know. I have a few APs currently but I also thing the more, the merrier! :) Accountability with various folks through this site has been a big part of my recent success in recovery.

    I'll quote from your post: "May more progress be made to the glory of God. Amen." Amen and amen! :)
  3. SAL_VI

    SAL_VI Fapstronaut

    I appreciate it. Sure I don't mind being an AP, like you said "The more, the merrier".

    It was an amazing month yes, but it felt like forever to get there!!
  4. Feel free to shoot me a direct message on here, and we can discuss the details.

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