1 month no PMO evaluation

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  1. so what has changed?

    1. better focus : general stronger focus in life. I feel i can concentrate better on tasks and feel more focused even when i walk on the street.
    2. strong morning wood: thats a big difference!! my boner is rockhard and that has been a longtime :D.
    3. sensitive penis :D : haha strange to say but i really have to watch out for not touching it too much because i get turned on very fast and just touching the captain feels very good , so strange. really not used to it anymore . i can remember my exgirlf giving me a bj and not feeling that much. if she would to that now it would feel amazing i am sure.
    4. more confidence; not spectacular but better eye contact in general. No better female attraction that i notice. im an average looking guy, quite muscled but u cant see it when im dressed.more skinny strong from fysical labour, not beach muscle show strong ;)
    5. quit smoking for 3 weeks now! nifab gave me that motivation
    6. sometimes more agressive
    7. i care less about what others think
    It hasnt been that hard too do one month but i have to watch out when i am aroused because my dick gets hard very easy and i feel i had a risk of relapsing this morning.

    I had a strong urge to orgasm but not to watch porn. I have no gf at the moment so i will wait with orgasm.
    If i meet woman i wont be able to resist sex and that okay for me. I am so glad my penis is back to tha youthful hardness when i was 20 :D. i am 38 now . Quitting smoking probably was a positive influence for my erection.i did not have ed but often it was not a rockhard boner.
    Everyone knows sex for the woman and the man is much better too when your captain is firm as a bone . Women adore this potency in men. little bit disappointed with the female attraction , but hey i wont ***** about it :D. i can only be grateful and thankfull to my fellow nofappers!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Great job, I am also a non-smoker(about 4 months) and non-fapper for a month.
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    great job keep it up
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    Good work, keep it up brother.
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  6. Goo doing bro. I have fallen off track for a long time. Want to stick to Nofap now onwards. Planning to journal daily from today. You should do a daily journalling too. It helps. Day 0. Its always about getting up and going when down and broken.
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  7. pretty good bro, I wanna be there, im still on my 10 day journey
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  8. GREAT!!!
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  9. great work dude, keep it up
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    Girl attraction comes in strongly for me at 60+ days.

    Hang in there!
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    One thing I will mention about girl attraction, I think most of us find it hard to notice! I remember a few occasions over the years where someone would say "that girl noticed you, why didn't you talk to her?" with my response something like "..what girl?".

    Anyways continuing on this journey it'll only get better. Great choice on quitting smokes too :)
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