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    That's it, one full year. I am gonna be brief because u wont understand me. There are things in life that u cant describe with words, and even more on the internet.
    I am LIVING again like a human being and it feels very good to be a true man free of the chains of sex,not only i am porn free, i am free of the sexual passion, i dont wanna have "girfriends" that is one of the most toxic thing for her for me and for the society, i wanna end my studies, get a usefull job and then get a wife. I decide about my life, not my sexual hormones and instincts anymore and it feels very good to be free again.

    Now that i reach this point this website is becoming toxic for me. Like a cured man walking with a crutch, but before it was very usefull. Thank you everyone who helped me, sry for the people i offended. Thank you to all the people who contributed to create and sustain to this website. And thank you God to lead me here and give me a chance to repent and start again.
    If I did it you guys can do it too, i was hopeless and pathetic 1 year ago, now i am ready to start again. Lets go guys!
    Like a lot of people i wont delete my account so some messages can help the others.
    God bless you, may peace be upon you all :)
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    Congrats bro,
    do you mind just quickly listing some of the strategies you used to to get to 1 year?
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    congrats on 1 year, I hope I make it there as well!

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