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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by filmit57, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. filmit57

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    Well I’ve made it,1 year hardmode, I am very proud of the dedication I have presented in this journey. I would like to share my experience and a bit of what I’ve learned through my journey. I have been able to stay on my streak because of my suffering I’ve been dealing with from PMO it catapulted me onto easy street. I spent many years looking for answers and was willing to do anything to figure out what was causing the PMO symptoms I thought were coming from something else. The reason I started with PMO was interest and the good feeling of the moment but after years it became a combination of being bored and thinking it’s healthy for me to use PMO. I used PMO for 16-18 years using less often in my late 20’s and on.

    85% of the days in the past year were either a bad day with withdrawals or a neutral day where I coasted by with light withdrawals not feeling much of anything good or bad, then there was some good to great days where I had more motivation, energy and clarity than I’ve ever had in a long time. It’s like a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs during the past year and there were many times I thought I was almost cured only to get knocked back down into withdrawal. I can say for the most part the trend of healing is up so things tend to get better over time but there is so much ups and downs it doesn’t always feel like your getting better but you are.

    Some people like me see a peak of heighten sensitivity where you feel like everything is working great and it’s the best you ever felt and you don’t have that feeling too often. Well I can say that maybe that is the future you after your through withdrawals or that’s your brains chemicals shooting up too high for a bit only to inevitably come back down to balance or lower then your baseline which usually ends up turning into a flatline & withdrawal symptoms.

    I am currently doing well with motivation and energy but my brain clarity is still working out it’s kinks. My PIED is cured at this point my labido has been pretty good the past few months.

    At this point in the journey any improvements are shown at a slower pace and with that I have decided to take a break from the forums sometime this month and come back sometime during the summer to continue to share my experience.

    I will continue to post in this thread for now until I take my break from the forums. But what I will not take a break on is NOFAP it is apart of my life now and forever.

    Thank you and god bless.
  2. dudealone

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    Congrats Man!!!, I also believe to make it atleast past 90 days this time. It's an inspiration to take from you. I had been only PMO addict for 6 yrs.
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  3. Jaspe22

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    What benefits have you seen?
  4. filmit57

    filmit57 Fapstronaut

    My porn induced erectile disfunction is cured and my libido is cured that’s the only real benefits I’ve had on a daily basis at this point in the journey. I am way more attracted to women sexually at this point since I’m not replacing it with porn anymore.

    Another benefit is I have more energy and motivation on a lot of days but not all.

    Other benefits I get from time to time is much improved mental clarity, less anxiety and a big boost in confidence but that only shows when my withdrawals are taking a break which is not too often.

    It’s been mostly withdrawals since I’ve started which include brain fog, and anxiety are the biggest ones.

    My biggest thing at this point is just trying to get through the withdrawals I just hope it’s gone for good sometime this year.
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  5. victorious136

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    Proud of you man! Keep going the harder the what the greater the gain
  6. quit@porn

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  7. Good achievement man! That sure is milestone to be proud of. I too will brag with 1 year of no PMO.
    Sure at 33 sex drive is not the same as at 20 years of age. So it's easier to control urges and stay clean. But studies show that people have more sex at 30 than at 20 because of having more experience. So it's impressive that you did it in hard mode, despite this world where sex on third date is a normal thing.

    Any good habits or lifestyle changes that you added during this streak?
  8. PowerfulSRE

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    Congrats! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Andyst343

    Andyst343 Fapstronaut

    Good job well done,we have to keep going, dont we... I know exactly what you mean by the withdrawals, up and down, im either very up, neutral, or very down ,which is hard, i fear the downs. The urges i had, seem easy compared to the downs. So well done so far keep going, for yourself and all of us.
  10. filmit57

    filmit57 Fapstronaut

    I anticipate it may take 2 years to be cured if it happens sooner great but either way the fact I can be mentally healthy this year is very exciting. I am going to incorporate monk mode more this year than the first year from here on out.

    The first year I limited internet and was very strong on healthy habits but I’m going to be more so this year and finish strong.

    I want to limit the mindless internet usage where I search for things for no good reason.
  11. winningover

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    Dude, I am going through a similar phase. I am nearing 300 days now and going through some very rough withdrawals. I have also cured my PIED and sex is getting better with every passing day. But, like you said, I am waiting for these withdrawals to go away esp social anxiety and anxiety in general. Withdrawals on nofap are a real killer and things go very very bad before they start getting better. Please keep sharing us about your journey. Take care

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