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1 Year. That's feels awesome.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by RonTheMan, May 14, 2018.

  1. RonTheMan

    RonTheMan Fapstronaut

    I was just an average guy with a normal lifestyle, until one day, one of my friends introduced me to the world of porn. The difference between him and me. He realised early and stop. I just went on and on.

    It was a wild moments at start, and then after than, it became unliveable. The life totally tarnished.

    I, who had tons of friends and was popular, my friends started avoiding me. I didn't know why?. I started avoiding people. Why? Didn't know. Just some unusual fear i never felt before. I never knew what planted this fear?.

    I still used porn, but i didnt knew it was the reason, i was earning bad grades, having anxiety and living life with no friends. Porn was the reason my high school time got destroyed. I remember, my sister's friends used to come at my house to hang out. My parents didn't knew any of my friends and asked me one time to invite them. When i said nothing, my parents knew the meaning of my silence

    But finally at May 11, 2017, i realised that porn is bad, and decided to burn this vehicle of disgust and shame forever. It is the hard journey, with urges and flashbacks of those plummeting videos now and then, but i kept myself reminding that, this thing makes its user a victim, a lowlife.

    It was only 3 months nofap, when one of my classmates in college said to me that i would have been popular in school. I was shocked to hear those words.

    I felt such a confidence and energy in me. I made more friends than ever. I was making everybody laugh. Girls come to me and saying me hi and hugging me. Guys invited me to play pool with them. It was amazing

    Now i am 1 year sober from porn. I like to say that, NOFAP the best thing i did. I hate myself for indulging in porn and living a shameful life, full of loneliness and anxiety. There are sometimes, when i feel urges.

    But still, life's better than ever before.
  2. Prince The Alpha Male

    Prince The Alpha Male Fapstronaut

    I'm on day 45. congratulations to you bro and keep at it. People know how much of a problem porn Is and stop it. One man can change tens of lives. We don't know how many people this post will reach but we know it will help some people out there. Thanks for the inspiring words
  3. Nice to hear another person proving that life gets better after all the struggles. I'm still waiting for the perks. Congrats!
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  4. Thomas8

    Thomas8 Fapstronaut

    Congrats, way to go, keep it up.
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  5. Congrats man, just starting my journey and its inspiring to read stories like yours. Thanks very much for sharing!
  6. state of mind

    state of mind New Fapstronaut

    That's a good story. I am on day one, I have a long, hard road ahead. Wish me luck.
  7. Day walker

    Day walker Fapstronaut

    Thank u - encouraging
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  8. Summer Son

    Summer Son Fapstronaut

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing this short and effective story :)
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  9. Destroyporn

    Destroyporn Fapstronaut


    This is a great post, very motivational. I want to become someone that makes everyone laugh and be happy!
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  10. mgz069

    mgz069 Fapstronaut

    Very inspiring words. Those are kind of things we need to hear to keep us going. And congratulations on your progress!!
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  11. Atrium_Guy

    Atrium_Guy Fapstronaut

    GREAT work man - keep it up!!!
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  12. aswanthq7

    aswanthq7 New Fapstronaut

    Congratsi I am on day 65 and it feels amazing
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  13. Pmo is in the past

    Pmo is in the past Fapstronaut

  14. This is a fanstastic achievement! I bet many guys here on NoFap could share a similar story, how P just drains the life out of until no one wants to be around you or you with them...
  15. theoptimist

    theoptimist Fapstronaut

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories because honestly sometimes i felt down a little bit down and sometimes i really missed those days although i almost felt shit after ever slip. I need to keep going and stay away from this toxic drug. Thanks again for motivating me today :)
  16. JourneyMan16

    JourneyMan16 Fapstronaut

    Congrats man
  17. blueman

    blueman Fapstronaut

    Hey RontheMan, congrats on your 1 year streak. Your story sounds similar to me growing up. I think stopping pmo really helps one to connect with their inner self, their core self, and that self is shared by all people so we are able to open up to others more. I think the key to pmo recovery is sort of a triangle of quitting pmo for one, but also healing oneself emotionally, and connecting with other healthy people socially and these will all build on each other for a life of success and happiness. However, if one tries quitting pmo without healing emotionally or connecting with others socially, I don't think they will be able to attain real success and will continue to relapse. Good job again and thanks for the inspiration.

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  18. Sh*t man. Now I hate porn even more. Hahaha. Missin the old days baby. I hope to reboot successfully again.
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  19. thank you sir this was very encourgaing:)) good luck to you in life and your on the good path!!

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