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  1. Welcome to the 10% Challenge!


    What is the 10%-CHALLENGE ?

    - The challenge is simple, easy and clear. You need to reach as many days as 10% of your P, PM, or PMO career, whatever you prefer. For example, if you've spent the last 20 years doing PM, then you need to accomplish 2 years, or 730 days, in this challenge.

    - You don't have to start your counter at zero and you need to post (preferably) everyday in this thread until you reach your 10%.

    When you reach 10%, you leave this thread forever. That's it.
  2. I'm in!

    I was on it for 6 years which equals 2,190x10%=219

  3. 94/913

    Welcome to the challenge!
  4. You only used porn for 60 days?
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  5. You're in the top 10% of that 10% who only watched porn 10% of the time people in the 10%-challenge use as goals!
  6. Damn.good on ya.

    I'm uhhh,ehhh....What?
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  7. @Force Majeure if we relapse can we restart or must we leave the challenge?
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  8. Just restart. No fuss :)
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  9. Thanks!

    Well then it looks like a restart for me.

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  10. Okay. I'm in.
    I've been doing PM for the last 13 years. That would be 475 days (I rounded up)

    Day 1/475: Holy cow that's a big number. I guess I'll have to focus on how good it will feel when I get there :emoji_grin:
  11. best of luck.
  12. 96/913

    Welcome to the challenge!

    Yeah, sure it's a big number. What I thought about when I created the challenge was this: it's pretty easy to make new pathways in your brain by forcing yourself to do new things until they become habits and you do them at your own will. What is much harder though, is to make your old habits go away, especially if you have done something for a very long time. The result is this: You may stick to your new habits for a while but the risk of falling back into old habits is still there... That's why I thought a 10% challenge would be a good thing: to work on the fading of old pathways.

    Good luck!
  13. Thank you for the welcome and good luck. I'm at Day 2/475. So far it's easy, no urges yet.
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  14. 19/149!

    My original goal was to achieve 100 days without PMO but I feel this is a commendable idea and I’d love to support those participating in it.

    Good luck pals. :)
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