10 day Vipassana meditation

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  1. The Buddhas contribution to the world over 2500 years ago was the practice of Vipassana. He did not claim that this method is the only way to liberation, but what made this practice unique was how it deals with sensations within the body. He observed that the mind consists of four processes: consciousness, perception, sensation and reaction. Through Vipassana, we learn to observe the sensations within our bodies, objectively, that is without reaction. Whatever suffering arises has a reaction as its cause. If all reactions cease to be then there is no more suffering. The real Kamma, the real cause of suffering is the reaction of the mind.

    What I loved about this experience is that there were no dogmas or beliefs attached to it. "The highest authority is one's own experience of truth". There are now centres all over the world that are open to anyone no matter what you believe in. These courses are all donation based and I wish for anyone struggling with an addiction or who simple wants to gain a better understanding of the nature of their minds, to give this a try.

    BE HAPPY :)

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