10 ways to become a Better Man

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    So, while NoFap is the starting point for alot of us, I believe most of us will grow through this journey to become a much more awesome man! Here are 10 ways, I truly believe you can become a better man. They worked for me and I see no reason why they wont work for you!

    1) Get Deep With Women:

    One of the habits we have that leads us to pornography is our quest for instant-gratification. We sometimes tend to think that pick-up lines,gimmicks an techniques are the way into a woman’s heart or panties. Techniques will only ever get you so far.The reality however, is that the more you work on yourself and strive to find the principles that govern attraction and relationships. When you master the principles, you’ll begin to find techniques that suit you along the way.

    2) Accept Fear and Anxiety:

    Fear shadows us all through our lives, rearing its head especially when we are faced with new things. My favorite definition of fear is F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real. There is nothing real about fear. When you start conditioning your mind to believe this, you’ll take more risks in many parts of your life and start moving towards situations that create happiness in your life. Anxiety occurs when yo are faced with something new and you’re afraid of failing. A lot of times, because we are afraid of failing, we don’t take action and remain stagnant. The key is to accept anxiety. Anxiety is a sign that you’re about to grow.

    3) Have a Purpose in Life:

    Without a purpose in life you will always find yourself adrift and flowing wherever the current of life chooses to take you. Women are greatly attracted to men with purpose.If you don’t know your purpose, try this exercise: get a pen and pad, eliminate all distractions for three hours,lock yourself in a room and just start writing everything you enjoy doing and would like to do till you find one that resonates deeply with you. Don’t leave the room till you figure it out. This is one of the simplest and most powerful techniques for finding your purpose.

    4) Don’t apologize

    Most guys suffer from “nice guy syndrome” as a result of our society and also due to how they were raised. Many guys feel that if they apologize,it will make them more “likeable” and “nice” especially to women. This bad habit leads to men apologizing when it is absolutely unnecessary,which as a result reduces the strength of their self image. Make it a habit to stop apologizing. With time you will gradually begin to realize the situations that truly require an apology. Your self image will improve, as will your skill in attracting women.

    5) Accept Failure

    Failure does not exist. It was invented by human beings. Think about it. What does failure mean to you? Some men see failure as proof that they suck at something and should quit while others see failure as just a lesson in a process. The problem is that the former eventually begins to view himself as a failure. The latter understands that the lesson he learns from failure is always worth more than the price paid. Whether you are approaching women and getting rejected constantly or struggling to quit porn, only to relapse again and again,-change your beliefs about failure and success will come more easily.

    6) Keep Growing:

    The amazing thing about life is that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can grow out of it. You have multiple chances to do so as well. You can grow to be happier, more fulfilled, fitter, healthier, more wealthy-the list is infinite. Never feel satisfied with where you are. Life is about constantly growing-the moment you get content is the moment your life begins to stagnate-leading to unhappiness. If you ever ind yourself in a situation where your social circle thinks you are the most awesome person ever- get a new social circle. You’ve outgrown the current one.

    7) Stop Being a Victim

    “I wish women weren’t the way they were!” “I wish it was easier to quit porn”, “Why do women always reject me, but never him?. Most men spend their lives being a victim. The easiest way to stop being a victim is to accept everything the way it is, especially if it causes you pain. Some things will not change- accept it and move one. Once you do this, you’ll begin to change yourself ,and watch as the world around you changes as well. You’ll gain more control over your life and the choice you make will have more power.

    8) Improve your self image:

    The way you see yourself as a man is incredibly powerful. Imagine the type of man you want to be-create a clear picture of how you want to look and feel, the values you want to have, the material things you want in your life and the quality of people you want around you. Keep asking yourself in you have arrived there yet. If you haven’t make the image clearer and visualize it often. You’ll move closer and closer to becoming that person. This will clean up your life and in the process, make you incredibly attractive to women.

    9) Travel:
    Traveling opens your mind. It helps you realize that they world you currently live in is much more amazing than you imagine. It challenges your beliefs and exposes you to new ideas, people and cultures. Its the great mind-expander. Travel makes you a more complete, fascinating and sophisticated man-the kind of man women love to be around.

    10) Hang out with positive role models:

    The people you spend the most time with are the people who influence you the most. If you hang out with unsuccessful people, you’ll be unsuccessful and vice versa . Lie with dogs, catch fleas,and so on. If you find it difficult to find successful role models-be glad that you live in an age where positive role models can be downloaded on MP3s. Spend your time with mentors like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma and many more. Instead of complaining about how much the world sucks and playing video games, take an hour out of each day and listen to these inspirational leaders. It will transform your life.
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    This is good knowledge, I will put this into pracitce ASAP.
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    kingdom of god is inside you!

    focus on yourself, become better, stronger, etc

    this is the key
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    Get deep with a woman, not women.
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    i felt like i was reading an informercial, anyway good work

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