10 year long, daily weed smoking. PMO no problem but weed.... o boy

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Awolnation28, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me? And also im kind of looking for what i know im arleady going to hear. I just need to hear it directed at me specifically. Or i shouldnt say i need this. I just want it.

    So heres my issue. I was able to get some really good streaks going with nofap. im on day 95 with two MO (no Porn) relapses in one day. (day 84)

    Anyway, Im just trying to point out that nofap has been mostly under control.

    ITS THE WEED that im struggling SO HARD with. Its bad guys. I ONLY smoke about two tokes a day. Being honest. 2 tokes a day. But if i dont get those, i freak out.

    I've smoked almost every single day for well over 10 years now. Some days i get carried away but my average amount is a couple tokes.

    Anyway, I feel like its hurting my nofap progress but i cant seem to stop. The VERY rare days that i take a day off, i have INSANE dreams. Which i percieve as a huge benefit. I like dreaming!! and i dont dream at all with weed.

    Every night i toke up even when I wake up everyday thinking THATS the day that i will slow down or quit smoking.

    I dont know, weed is just so comforting to me.

    Is it possible that weed actually benefits some people with OCD or ADHD?

    Will i ever reboot if i continue this?

    Anyone else in the same boat? having a really hard time with the weed thing?

    Should i stop bitching and just man the **** up?
  2. Awolnation28

    Awolnation28 Fapstronaut

    ALSO i want to add. That everyone on here says that, weed makes them more likely to fap.
    NOT the case for me. At all....

    Also people say the weed makes them lazy and whatnot. Well im one of the rare cases where it gives me energy and i do stuff.

    ALthough, anything i try to learn (guitar and chess research for example)

    I dont remember. And also i feel like id be better at approaching woman without weed. Im quicker with words.

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