100 days changed alot

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by MiawPowPow, Apr 15, 2018.

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    I'll start by saying that I did not have any addiction problem before. I started NoFap to challenge myself and see how it could change myself. So much has happen in the last 100 days and I can't really tell what NoFap really gave me specifically but I am sure it had an impact somewhere.


    - I have time to sleep! I use to take 20 minutes to fap before going to bed and sometimes suffer from insomnia until I fap again. Now I just fall asleep so easily and feel great. Bed time equal sleep now which is what it should really mean.
    - I feel stronger! I always went to the gym but in the last 100 days I really progressed and I feel much stronger.
    - I am patient! Little things that would piss me off now seem like nothing. My girlfriend is having a hard time and we didn't have sex in more than 2 weeks and it doesn't even mather for me now.
    - I am motivated! I started bunch of project and met a girl I adore. I say yes to much more stuff and I am happy to experience things.
    - I am happy! I keep an optimistic mindset and it helps me get throught hard time.


    - I have some small urge:
    Sometimes I just think about fapping and I want to do it but I can still control myself. It's not always easy.
    - My temper change alot: It might be because I am really busy lately but I have some great days and some bad day where even if I get good news I feel angry.

    NoFap is great for me. I did a streak last year for 35 days and restarted because I just loved the concept. Alot have happen lately and I coudn't be more grateful. I plan on staying on NoFap for a while because I know that if I relapse now, I'll just be ashamed of myself. So i'll keep on going, I am not going to set anymore goals, only milestones, and nofap my way though death.
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    hey there, great job! about the temper.. its normal for you to be angry you just surpressed it with all the porn and shit. now you are yourself again and you gotta live with the temper, the feelings you surpessed for so long. good luck on your journey =)
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    Thanks for sharing. This is my 11th day and I'm really struggling right now. I'm getting so lazy to work towards my goal.
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    Dude that is awesome. How did you get to 100 days? Whenever I get past 20-30 days I just lost motivation and relapse because I stopped caring.
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    The biggest help for me was keeping myself busy. I go to school full time and work about 30 hours per week. I don't have much time to think this semester but it's cool I am happy.
    Find yourself an hobby that clears your mind and that you look forward everyday. For me it's training at the gym but it could be anything really, as long as when you're doing it your mind is off everything else and focus on what you're doing.

    Finally, when I get an urge I tell myself that I'll feel like shit afterward if I relapse and I know it for a fact. Just got to keep a good mindset and be ready to face yourself!
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    Thank you man. I go to school and work, and when I'm not doing that I'm working on my own hobbies already. I still fail though because the temptations just take over. I keep forgetting just how awful I'll feel afterwards. I've started journaling heavily though, hopefully that will help. If you have any other advice for keeping motivation please share. Thank you!
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    I think the last advice and the most important one would be to experiment things. Say yes to things you would of never try. Even if you don't want to you may be suprised.

    I am kind of shy and have a hard time speaking in public. In the last weeks I did a conference in front of 300 person and I never thought I would love it. I just went ahead and said yes to anything that went out of my comfort zone. Afterward, I felt like I could do anything and NoFap wasn't even a challenge anymore. This feeling might have been temporary but the mindset that I could go on and pursue bigger challenge is still there.
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  9. Liked how you wrote that you would take nofap through death . You stole my words! Small and to the point post. Loved your post .Can't wait to reach 100 days myself too!
  10. MiawPowPow

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    haha we share good words :p

    Good luck yourself for 100 days!!
  11. that is amazing that you start saying yes to the world, its normal to have a temper when your hormone style is being changed,,,I've made it to 60 and feel good about myself for the first time in a long time,,,
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