100 days hardmode experience

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  1. Hello guys, I thought I wrote some about my experiences for some kind of celebration. As I remember things I write them one after the other:

    - Better skin, bigger cleaner eyes, improved memory, better appetite, better smell. I can feel tastes now. Before nofap I could not feel anything like this. It was very hard to eat most times.
    - Much deeper sleep. When i was PMO-ing I was never really awake but same time I could never sleep deeply. Typical zombie mode.
    - The most withdrawal symptom has disappeared, but I'm still anxious in social situations. The usual afternoon headaches disappeared completely. I still have nausea at times in the morning, but it is much milder than before.
    - I can organize my excercise better. I built some muscle recently. It's a bit easier to train if you do not have nausea LoL. :) But at the same time I can feel pain much better. Earlier I used pmo also as a pain relief.
    - I have a lot more emotion. I was watching some "lemonade" movies in the last few days, and many times in the end I almost cried. WTF :D. When I was PMO-ing I could not even watch a movie. I tried sometimes but after first 5 minutes it was just boring.
    - women attraction: Once I was swimming in a public bath. A women could not take her eyes from me and when I looked back she seemed confused. Another time I was driving with female colleagues. I did not do anything but they started to speak loud and they laughed at nothing. :D Same thing happened at the gym. I was doing sit-ups and a girl stopped by me around 15 centimeters and she did the same thing like in the car. I get more respect from guys also.
    - I have more confidence, I don't think much of what others think about me.
    - I meditate almost every day recently. I strongly recommend it to everyone. It can be as pleasurable as masturbation just another level.
    - I think nofap is like training. It is hard but it's worth it. I often have good thoughts about nofap but now that's all. o_O
    -some supplements what I use to feel better: vitamin pack, ashwagandha, rhodiolin, and drink a lot of water
    My next goal is 365 days PMO free. But I would be much happier if I only get the PM free if you know what I mean....:p Sorry for spelling mistakes!

    Tip for everyone:

    Do not [email protected]!! :D
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    CELIBACY_GUY Fapstronaut

    Thats cool. Hope you will cintinue your journey.
  3. Curious Josh

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    Thanks for the share. I have a few questions. Are you sexually active? If so, do you notice any improvements in performance?
    Well done on 100 days. I can barely make it past a month without having some form of relief
  4. Hi, no I don't have a girlfriend. I can not report such experiences yet. But I hope it will change soon. :)
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  5. 4DCreator

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    Well done man. Great to read it. It is interesting that I am 23 years on porn and haven't experienced the same things as you (I mean negative ones) It shows how different all people are ;) Keep rocking and posting !
  6. I don't know exactly when the pmo thing started for me. I think about 15 years ago.
  7. Well done man!
    I sometimes get into a meditation zone that I agree is a little like masturbation, but only in terms of focus. It seems so hard to get into meditation, but then (with practice) I find myself in a place and say 'I think I will stay here for a while'. Strange, but nice.
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    NoFap Defender

    I've been experimenting with meditating longer. When you feel just the feeling of your breath is pleasurable. This has been mostly done laying down. I certainly should be doing more sitting upright.
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  9. Coolyorky

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    Did you ever suffer from pied? Well done by the way!!!
  10. Yes. I think it was one of the main reasons why we broke up with my first girlfriend. But at the time I did not even know what could be wrong with me. :confused:
  11. Coolyorky

    Coolyorky Fapstronaut

    Thankyou for the reply! Has the pied gone away now? You can have sex ok?
  12. I don't know. I have not had the chance to have sex yet. I mean since I started nofap. But at least I recover faster.
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  13. Coolyorky

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    I can get hard from thinking about ex’s. Somethings improved haha
  14. You know now. Be brave enough to tell your friends one day (and strangers), because this information won't be in the media for a few years. Schools? Decades.
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  15. I know this feeling. I also have to select well which kind of movies can I see. :D
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  16. Coolyorky

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    Hello mate

    Do you think most P addicts suffer from pied?
  17. Not sure, but many people in here say so. They also say that things improve a lot after taking time off all PMO. Months, it seems.
  18. Roffelaar

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    Thanks for sharing with us :)

    Had some urges today and now they are gone again. I really want to enjoy the little things again, because I relate to the movie part.
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  19. I'm very early on in this process, but I almost had to touch some grass I saw on a cricket pitch the other day because it looked beautiful. Cheesy, but who cares!

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