100 days no PMO Hardmode completed...woohoo

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  1. finally completed 100 days of no sexual activity. It was hard But i remained strong in difficult situations..last day was pretty bad, I had very strong urges..It was all because I saw the second episode of game of thrones season 8..While i was watching, suddenly a sex scene came up from nowhere of Arya Stark..I couldn't help but watch it twice..Now I feel very bad although I didn't masturbate to that scene..Why they put intimate scenes in shows,there is no need of it..Kissing scene is alright but why they include lovemaking scenes..I think they also know that people like to watch this kind of scenes..Forget about that, Now I am very happy to have completed the streak of 100 days and achieve my first 3 digits streak..God bless us all...
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    Respect! May God Bless you my friend!
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    You have good will power that you able to stop yourself from M. I believe that most of the series and movies contain those intimating scenes, that's why I watch neither movies nor series nowadays.
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    What benefits have you experienced? :)
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    So, i dont wanna be an expert, but...
    Anything that causes you sexual arousing may be considered porn.
    About the sex scene, we got avoid at ALL COST seeing those scenes because it can feed an urge to a point that its almost impossible to bypass.
    I'm not telling that you should reset the clock, but be aware, it's not healthy.
    My personal opinion, DO NOT watch those TV series at all, even when you try to jump the scenes, a small piece of sexual emulation had already been put into your brain.

    Peace, bro.
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    Congratulations :)
    I do hope, you'll continue reaping the benefits of a PM free life for a long time.
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  7. congrats on your achievment ! avoid the triggers and stay strong fella! :)
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    100 days no PMO Hardmode completed...woohoo :)
    100 Days is a Long Time. You are building a strong habit.

    You're a Good Example to the other campers.

    Good idea from the Fapstonaut above -- to all of us:
    avoid the triggers......
    or close your eyes...…….
    or fast forward...… the show or movie.
    GUARD YOURSELF...…….. TO KEEP YOUR STREAK (of Successful Days).

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