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    So everything is in the title!

    I reached 100 days of No ejaculation whatsoever. I will share with you a few tricks and knowledge gathered.

    So first of all i don't think that i missed anything sexually. I only had one opportunity those last 3 months, some older girl that seemed interested and i could have gone for it but instinctively i did not because i don't like all the trouble and disturbance that goes with sex life. (i should mention that i am 28 yrs old). Of course i don't miss masturbation which is totally shitty.

    So for those that never read my post, i decided more or less to quit masturbation forever and starting by a full 100 days streak. I am not new to the concept of Nofap and i realized how draining ejaculation is to the body. I started reducing fap habits like 10 years ago, and for the last 5 years i would go 14 days or more without fapping and then indulge, etc....
    But lastly i could not support the after effects of fapping. I just couldn't stomach it anymore. It causes me to be extremely drained, with other physicals and mental troubles, insomnia also, so much that i know basically hate ejaculating, even on an unconscious level.
    I will not elaborate too much on the physical impact of ejaculation because i did make 2 threads on this topic and plan to make another big one for the community, if mods are interested.

    Here is what i noticed :

    -First big point : i don't suffer post ejaculatory weakness / depression / fatigue anymore! This is a big plus because even if it happened once every 14 days it was a strong physical block to moving ahead with my life. It was like everything stopped, preventing me from making spiritual and physical progress.

    -A noticeable increase in stamina and confidence. I also gained muscles and weight, but this is not only about nofap, this is a combination of everything (eating, sports, lifestyle, travels). This is the point i want to stress, nofap is not enough to be energetic and confident etc.... I still experience bad days if i go to sleep agitated, or mess with my health in any other way. Nofap does not make you invincible, and after a month or two i don't see any strong change in my energy related to nofap. It seems to reach a point where i feel good and energetic but it's not like you accumulate super powers just with nofap. However if you nofap and leave a healthy lifestyle, with balanced health etc you will get stronger as time passes.
    So Nofap is very good but it's not magic. It's like sports or sleeping 8 hours a day.

    -i started accomplishing significant things, like a big solo trip in foreign countries, and now i am in the process of finding a rewarding job that would suit me.
    I became more confident and independant as i was still too close from my parents at 28 years old. I also have better intuition and "intuitive abilities". I sense people a greater deal and they are more respectuous overall toward me.

    - regarding wet dreams i had a lot at the begining. I noticed they happened when i went to bed agitated or anxious, or horny. Now my last wet dream was almost 40 days ago.

    - Sorry for all the people struggling, but i did not find it very difficult. I can't remember a specific moment where i felt like indulging. However i am clearly more girl oriented if i let myself go in that direction. But not the point of masturbating uncontrolably. This is because i am extremely motivated to quit masturbation forever, as i hate ejaculation and its after effects. Of course i don't watch porn or lust after women everyday although lately i am becoming more and more flirtuous.

    To sum up, starting nofap is like fixing a leak in your blood stream. You will feel great benefits the first months, and then it will be up to you, how you channel that new health and energy. I have also made progress in self understanding and natural medecines so i am even more stable than before. If you nofap and do everything right you will saw strong benefits. If you just nofap, then nothing crazy will happen regarding health and character etc.... But with nofap and right lifestyle and objectives you can make huge progress in the area of your choice.

    Also this website was quite helpful and helped like a catalyst to set goals for myself, like nofap or totally stoping procrastination. It is very helpful and i encourage you to donate even a few euros or $ if you can.
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    Congratulations bhai on 100 days
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  4. Congratulations... I am due to write a 120 day success story... But I am not in the mood! lol
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    Do it, at least you will teach people that their balls won't explode after 20 days!
  6. Haha I suppose so! :D:emoji_face_palm:
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    Hahahaha lol

  8. Yes it is easy when you are not addicted person lol.
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    I was as much addicted as the average person.
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    Yup i'm same as you bro i hate ejaculation!! I realize it's just so taxin on the body. Well done man well done. I like some of your other posts on retention.
    It's really easy like you said if you are motivated by that deep feeling and you just don't look at anything triggering
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    Yep that's the idea! on the other hand i'm starting to consider chasing girls but i don't really know how i will handle ejaculation.... And doing so start bringing a lot of sexual thoughts. I am starting to believe we are not made to be monogamous on in a relationship... Men reach their energy peak where they are full of masculine energy and more attractive to women, at which point they mate, and end up impregnating a female with their seed. Then it's over, for a while at least. Just wanting to have solid relationships might just be social construction, that does not fit nature plan. Men are not attracted to women for a while when they release their seed, and we are not made to copulate regularly as it is too taxing on the body.
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    keep up the good work!
  13. Nice job on the 100 days:cool::):)
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  14. Congrats on Day 100 - Your report is very genuine and realistic
    This quote you gave sums it up pretty well
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    Plz tell about ur sex life..

    How it improved!?

    How's health of ur little soldier.?
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    Well i had one sexual intercourse since, and it went well but i never had issues with that.
    Overall you are more excitable but in the long term it stays under control, while at start you might have some strong urges because you are not used to that level of accumulated prana
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  17. congrats mate, what is your withrowel symtoms and when it lasts?

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