100 Days, Triple digits club!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Hope84, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Hope84

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    Okay. I know. I'm early posting this, but I'm just excited and I know I'm going to make it ;)

    Today is the day. Well every day is the day, but today is my 100th Day free of PMO.

    This has been a long journey for me. One filled with heart ache, pain, and trials, lose, sadness, but also filled with joy, love, wonder, excitement, and happiness. I feel lucky and blessed to be where I am, my success, everything that has gotten me to this point. I guess this is more exciting to me than the 90 days because it puts me in triple digits, and for me this is important. This is a war in the mind, and each day I go to battle against it. In 3 years or 900 more day I will move out of the triple digits and into the quad digits ;) got to give myself a long term goal. Yes I know it’s not really about the streak, but for me I know no matter how many days that goes bye I will always be fighting this battle against PMO. I know that every day is a battle to this long war of my life, and I have found peace in this.

    I am grateful for all of those in the community that have giving their support or just read my posts. I’m also really grateful for all the pioneers out there who paved the trail to show us that this is doable, that we can overcome this weakness. I’m grateful to see there are so many who have pushed past the boundary of 100 days, some that have pushed past a year, and others that have pushed past multiple years. This give me, and I’m sure others hope. I have hope for myself, that I can live up to my potential, that I can be the great man I see inside myself. My mom, a very wise and smart woman once told me that we are like bright flames on a candle, but when those candle flames come together they create a fire so strong and bright that nothing can extinguish it. I feel like I found that here, wonderful people who have bright flames, and together with you guys I’m living a brighter life.

    Honestly, sincerely, thank you all. Thank you for being here, for helping to create this community.

  2. JensDK42

    JensDK42 Guest

    Thanks for posting. It's nice hearing from those who succeeded. What do you think brought you to 'victory'?
  3. PrevCDM

    PrevCDM Guest

    Congratulations, Hope84!
  4. stinky635

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    Congrats! 100 days is serious business!
  5. NoBrainer

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    This is one of the most profound success stories I have read. :) Inspirational stuff Hope84! Well done and keep going! :D
  6. Surrender

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  7. ZenBound

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    Well done and welcome to the triple digits club! Inspiring post, thank you :D
  8. OurLiP

    OurLiP Fapstronaut

    Congrats, that's an amazing accomplishment! I hope to also one day reach the triple digits (And then the quadruple digits), but what you've done really helped me look to the future and believe in myself :)
  9. Hope84

    Hope84 Fapstronaut

    Thanks everyone, I’m excited to continue this journey and I'm grateful that I’m where I am now.

    Naikolai - must success was small, it always is. Tiny little achievements every day that has lead me to this point. I take it 1 day at a time, I keep myself on the here and now. When I get the tiniest of temptation I get angry and I stop all over those thoughts, and flood myself with good thoughts, things that I want to do, things that I want in my life and how being PMO free is going to let me achieve those things. - Sorry for the long answer. :)
  10. JensDK42

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    Length is not an issue with the succesful people ;)

    Thank you for the answer, I take in everything I can from the pioneers.
  11. Hope84

    Hope84 Fapstronaut

    I'm not a pioneer, I'm just following the trail that was set. One day at a time. :)

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