100 Days Without P or M - The Ultra Marathon (Started on May 15, 2020)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Jefe Rojo, May 7, 2020.

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  2. I don't recall seeing this stated in here before. It's a good reminder that applies to many aspects of our life, but reading it here, today, at the "beginning" of a new week I found it exceptionally comforting to be able to absorb this idea. Today might be especially hard, or even tomorrow...but passing through that window and not getting stuck will bring us to the other side where the freshly paved, smooth, nice road ahead is waiting for us.
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    Now I’m writing this journal cuz my brain is so much scared and I’m continuously getting irrational thoughts of only worst cases, so it is convincing me so hard like hey, open the site and let’s see whether there is a new videos uploaded or not, but one condition! Only watch no MO, I’m still experiencing some kind of pain in my head :(
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    Resisting those thoughts builds mental strength. Keep fighting those thoughts and they will eventually go away. It can be pretty distressing but it is worth the effort.
  5. Nikhil, I saw your post earlier about the headache / migraine... sounds like you are going through tough time. Im not a medical person so please take my advice lightly, but my wife is a pharmacist, and any time I have headaches (very normal on nofap journey) it is okay to take paracetamol or similar painkiller....

    I know you must be feeling down right now, but you will know this feeling will pass............... drink some water and take paracetamol and hang in there. Todays pain will be tomorrow's gain. Think of your brain like a muscle which is stegnthening.
  6. We're just doing it day by day
    but hey only 89 to go ;)
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    Who ever needs any help in rebooting, I have gathered some resources:

    This is a book from forum posts from Chinese Fapstronaut called Soaring Eagle.
    This is book has some Chinese Medicine philosophy in it and it has everything you need to succeed in Nofap/Semen Retention
    also this book has more than you need to succeed, it even has a chapter to prevent nocturnal emissions, which is great if you want to become monk. I guess so.

    Here's torrent link to another great book, you need utorrent to download it or something similar.
    This book will change the way you think and when the hard urge come's you can use the formula of thinking from the book.

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    Checking in today; for the first time in a long time, I was able to bike four miles straight and cap it off with a 2-mile walk. Looking back on my past successes, I realized that being physically active and productive was a major part of that. Hope you're all staying strong today!
  10. Damn, I failed. Been having a real hard time controlling the thoughts recently. I'll write more about it in my journal soon. I didn't use P this time at least but I'm still really disappointed in myself. At the same time, I'm getting right back up and trying my hardest again. Sorry for letting you all down. I'll be checking in to this thread regularly to cheer you guys on.

    The toolbox looks helpful Jefe, I didn't see it until now but I'll definitely check it out and use it for now on.
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    Can't wait to see "but hey only 1 to go" :D
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    Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Thanks for participating and I know that you are a fighter and will rebound quickly.
  13. Sorry to hear this too. But it is not failure. Its a relapse. We all have them. Hope you be back running again shortly
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    On to day 22.
    Yesterday was a hard day for me,
    Some kind of emotional pain,physical pain & cuz of that I was on the bed before 10pm, but still I couldn’t sleep even after 12am, but still I tried,tried & tried, so I don’t know finally at what time I slept, tho I slept it was weird, I woke up 2-3 times in middle of the night but again I was able sleep back.
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    Insomnia is a symptom of withdrawal. So are headaches. You will get better. Keep going strong.
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    Jeah too many times when learning new skill for example, it just seems like you are not making any progress, but if you keep going for few
    weeks you realize that it isn't true at all. For example when I did Python programming at the start I didn't have this skill called compunational thinking(breaking problem into small parts), so I quited the programming learning for while and then realized that I had learn some compunational thinking without realizing it, but it was just that my brain told me that keeping going with learning isn't worth it.
  18. Keep strong and you will see it sooner than you expect ;)
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  20. -------Day 12--------
    Still a long way to go! I had a very weird dream last night. There were at least 3 dreams related to some sort of erotica / porn, I dont exactly remember. But I remember thinking in my dream 'hmmmm' maybe this is a cue... shouldn't i be fapping? But i remember trying to fight it in my dream as well.
    Proper weird one!
    Anyhow I'm glad to say it was just a dream and now I'm back to reality gona crack on with the day.
    Hope everyone is doing well.

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