100 Days Without P or M - The Ultra Marathon (Started on May 15, 2020)

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  1. InfinitelyLongSphagetti

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    Today the urges revved up, but we're almost at 2 weeks now, which is quite amazing. The challenge has been a huge help for me so far.
  2. All of us will be tested many times in the days ahead. We must commit right now that, no matter what, we will combat those urges and triggers. We will live to fight another day and we will finish this race with honor and dignity!
  3. A prize to the one that guess what I am going to say ;)
    Hey only 87 to go ;)
  4. End of day 13 here. I have urges guys.. i really do. But I'm not going to entertain them. I like the fact my body feels something. Its a strange feeling but I actually feel quite comfortable with the urges. I know something is there but I don't want to be a part of it... im actually just enjoying the feeling of being horny without dirty thoughts, porn or fapping! It actually feels really damn good! Lol.

    Maybe I just had a long day. I feel high and I havn't had a drink (or anything)! Perhaps the coffee has kicked in late.
  5. Good! Just think how good you’ll feel after those urges are gone! :) You feel good because you are in complete control of your destiny despite the urges. Keep up the good work! Just don’t get overconfident. Those urges can get downright nasty.
  6. Nikhil001o

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    On to day 24.
    Guy’s... this shit is swinging my mood insanely, yesterday night before going to bed and while on the bed I was feeling like confident normal person (if something doesn’t work, no matter what I’ll work hard and achieve that) and yesterday also I struggled to sleep, so I did 30 counts of deep breath in and out, it really helped me to sleep.
    Now when I woke up this morning, my confidence is just went down and I’m doubting myself, low self esteem and thinking about others ( like they are younger than me and achieved it, whether I’m going to achieve or Not ), Lot of regret, feeling like I’m not capable of anything, useless and dumb ass, all this happened cuz of fapping and now that’s it you can’t change anything. this shit is going down and coming back to hit (that hit will harder than previous hit).
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  7. Waking up on day 14 tomorrow. 2 weeks. If you're struggling and you read this - don't you dare quit on yourself tonight. We got this.

    Wishing you strength.
  8. A little something from a page my wife follows.

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  9. You don't lose anything by doing Nofap. In PMO you lose your spirit.
  10. Michael Sternig

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    I agree! Everyday we train ourselves to get stronger.
    I had thoughts like 'wouldn't it be nice to see some willing women / porn?' the other day without an immediate urge to watch it actually. I was able to argue with myself and finally end this thoughts from the perspective that it's not awesome, it's just a lie and all fake. #Mind reprogramming
    two weeks!
  11. Nikhil001o

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    Hi mates,
    Today again I experienced the Similar kind of headache, which I mentioned in my earlier post, it started from 11:54am & lasted at 12:40pm (I took 2 Advil).
  12. *****************
    DAY 15

    Congrats on making it two weeks everyone! Keep going strong!
  13. Seems like you need to hear my numbers game speech. I used to MO daily. Or multiple daily. For 30 years!

    Sure maybe I missed a day rarely. But that is 365 days a year for 30 years. In 2020....I have MO on 30 days. Less than 25% of the time. I've had a few good 10+ day streaks. I almost hit 30 days. The point is, even if you Fap 3 days a month....that's only 10%>. That's 90% success brother. You can't dwell in a mistake. You can't call it a failure because this isn't over until you die

    I tried, relapsed, quit, disappeared in 2018 for 19 months. I tapped and fapped and fapped. BUT I'M BACK. Do I have a 500 day streak , no. But I didn't MO this morning when I woke up. And now I'm in day 14. That's half the month (almost). We are beating this shit every day...but it's not a one day war, my friend You'll lose some battles. There might be casualties. But we are winning every time we say no.
  14. Two weeks for me. Woke up at 400 with a fatty hard on. Managed to get some sleep. Woke up dreaming about the Mrs after 6am. Another hard on. I hope this is good signs but also not daily. I wanted to go have some caveman sex.
  15. I envy those who lifed without internet, I would loved to been living in 1900 century, but im doing pretty good on this internet age, because not doing PMO.
  16. I just realized your at a month soon. Congrats. I use the mobile website and rarely rotate it to see the counters.
  17. Thanks! I’m encouraged by the progress I’ve made so far. I think having a daily routine that includes an exercise program has been helping me a lot. Also, this challenge has given me an additional boost of willpower. :)
  18. Nikhil001o

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    At this moment I’m writing this cuz, I don’t know why I am feeling like broken and very sad(for no reason).
    No matter what, this time I’m not going to break this streak.
    I think I was addicted to this P shit so much and maybe cuz of that I’m experiencing all this uncomfortable feelings/pain so often.
  19. Much respect to you BrohkenCompass! I wish more people continue to embrace this attitude. There is so much progress, sometimes we fail to see because we are too busy 'fighting the battle'
    Progress is all around us.

    P.s. Day 14 all! I feel pretty good just now, but I also have my bad moments. I have had headaches today, so it is not all glory as I make it out to be at times. I have my down moments. But I just embrace the progress I make and keep telling myself just how far I have come. I hope you all take the time to thank yourself no matter how far you are in the journey - day 2 is just as important as day 150 (in my opinion)!
  20. I'm not as smart as I'd like to be on the "Phases" we go through and their effects on our body, and mind..but if I was a betting man I'd say that this window of misery is tiny compared to a lifetime of regret that we know the problem and do not face it head on; eye to eye if you will. I read the success stories, and the journals of the over 100, 200 guys and it is night and day, brother. We just have to make it out of the conditioning rounds. The early stages when mind AND body fight against us begging to get that craving satisfied. NOT TODAY! NOT AGAIN. We keep running my friend!

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