100 Days Without P or M - The Ultra Marathon (Started on May 15, 2020)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Jefe Rojo, May 7, 2020.

  1. Blessed to have friends like you :emoji_innocent:
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  2. 87th day:

    Had a wet dream last night. I practiced to keep myself away from distraction. Actually the very relative sometimes disturb and take you for granted. In such scenarios me must learn to stay away from them.

    An average day of work. Met a friend of mine, after more than two years. Nice exchange of thoughts. I was properly hydrated today and I felt energetic the whole day.
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  3. 89th day in progress. Just 12 more to go!
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    Y'all in there? Somebody has to finish this race!!!
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  5. Yeah will definitely finish clean. Something has fundamentally changed from inside, during this streak. Feeling repulsion with the thought of PMO itself.
    This sounds like being complacent and that's when I have to be extra careful. That point of time will come for sure, when these urges can't bring me down.
    Fight is on.
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  6. Congrats to all the runners that are still going, just one more week until the 100 day mark!!
  7. 96th day in progress. Just 5 more to go. Journey so far had been possible by taking one day at time and staying PMO free.
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  9. 97th day starts. Had wet dream day before yesterday night. Had a minor nocturnal emission last night too.
  10. 98 days! Sunday and the marathon will finish. :)
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    Interesting dynamic here with a start and a finish, and no resets allowed. A couple other challenges I am in / was in, there is a constant cycle of resetting and everyone is living in days 0-11 it seems. @LongWayToGo I am so happy to see some people made it to the end. Obviously regretting that I had given in to the urges. You're place among limited company is a real tribute to your character.
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  12. Indeed.
    Soon second edition of this marathon should start, and you can get rid of the regrets.
    Where is @Jefe Rojo? It has been weeks, since I last hear from him. At least some people are going to finish and prove that the efforts he put in, to start and drive this thread will not go in vain.

    I just hope for the remaining two days to end up clean too. Glad to have come this far. :) The support system that we have here, is really the game changer.
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    In @Jefe Rojo last post on this forum, he said he would step away from here to reassess his situation
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  14. Day 99:
    A relaxing day. Spent time with family. Having an alcoholic father is not good for family. Have been dealing with this for decades. Current situation at home is making it hard to be hopeful that my father will get rid of this disease.

    One more day to reach the finish line.
  15. Good for him. Digital detox might help.
  16. @LongWayToGo, congrats on an amazing run man! I probably won't be around on Sunday to tell you congratulations then but I know you'll make it so I'm saying it now. 100 days is really an incredible feat, you've demonstrated perseverance and a commitment to your health and long-term goals. Very inspiring! Did anyone else in the challenge make it this far? You're the only runner that made it that seems to be active in the thread. I haven't been in contact with Jefe lately, but I it seems like he's been taking a break from the internet for a while to help himself get back on track. We know that he's capable of taking on extreme disciplines when needed so I'm guessing it's something like that again. Great job man, here's to another 100 days! :D
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  17. Thanks @ReclaimingMyDestiny! I am glad that finally I am through the finish line!
    I don't to have to stress again on the benefits that Nofap provides.

    I am thankful to all the Fapstronauts who participated. Without your support abstaining for 100 days would not have been possible.
  18. 100th day. 12 more and I would break my longest streak too. I am committing to another 100 days, now. It is possible to abstain from the vices of PMO, not just for me but other fapstronauts too. Let's do this together!
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    *Cannon Fire, Bottle Rockets, Confetti Popping*

    CONGRATS @LongWayToGo . You no longer have a long way to go. You are at the destination. Sure, you may set your course for a new destination.... a new race. However, along that journey you will have the advantage of experience and more importantly CONFIDENCE. They say the first marathon is the hardest. Congratulations my friend. Like I said before - standing on top with few or no company says a lot about you. Feel great about that. I hope you carry that feeling with you forward.
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    Congrats everyone who not only finished 100 days, but participated in the challenge to begin with! Everyone's road is different but the fact that we're fighting the same fight and supporting each other speaks volumes!

    To 100 days and beyond! :)

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