100 Days Without P or M - The Ultra Marathon (Started on May 15, 2020)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Jefe Rojo, May 7, 2020.

  1. Day 2 was fine for me. Pretty much too busy for any temptations. Wishing everyone a strong and healthy Day 3!
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    I second that, @| Nico | well done! I just got done reading your success story. I hope you can go back and write a 365 day success story 9 months from now :D
  3. Thank you Destiny :)
    Thanks mate :) yeah i hope so too. I appreciate the support, god bless you guys
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  5. Day 3.. not gona lie its been a tough old slog today... lots of moodswings, headaches and slight uncomfort... but been here plenty of time. So persevered. Onto day 4 of the ultra marathon
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    Congrats on 90 days! That’s really great. Here’s to 98 more. :)
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  8. Guess it depends on where you live, but for those of us in the US it's the end of the third day currently. In Europe their 4th day is just starting and in the far east they are in midday of the 4th day. Not sure if that's how this works though or if we're going by a certain timezone so we're all at the same place.
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  9. Day 4 of the Ultra Marathon, this is usually my Achilles heel day, but having this race with you guys has given me much strength. Already got my eye on the finishing line.
    P.s. yesterday was a very moody day for me. Hopefully it is a different mood today.
    Happy running guys
  10. Thank you Jefe :)
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    Day 3. No difficulties for me, fortunately. Hope everyone else is pulling through. I think that after a certain amount of days, to the helping force of the community will be added the fear of losing all those days' worth of abstention.
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    DAY 4
    I’m doing well. Yesterday was a pretty effortless day - you have to appreciate these easier days. I know there are challenging days ahead.

    I’m glad to see everyone is on day 4! Keep up the good work.
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    Awesome! There is definitely strength in numbers. For me, it takes a week or two for my mood to stabilize. Be patient and you’ll see positive results. Your brain is craving dopamine and it takes time to reprogram your brain to survive without it.
  14. Thank you Jefe that means a lot! I think quitting not just porn, but all social media, including reddit, and indeed I am left without much dopamine as my day normally allows. It has been quite a strenuous battle the last few days, but I predict good things will come out of this. So just keeping my head up, my trainers in shape, and running the good race! I can visualise the finishing line which is a good thing!
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    That sounds like the right attitude. And quitting social media might just be what you need personally. I was finally able to overcome P 11 years ago by doing whatever it took. For me, my wife and I decided to go a full year without internet in our home. We had to go to the library if we wanted to use the internet. It may sound extreme but it was what eventually freed me.

    There are natural ways to release dopamine - I really like exercising for this very reason.
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  17. Wow a year without internet - sounds therapeutic!

    You just made me realise, I have been procrastinating my evening workouts (usually around 7pm daily) I would do my high intensity yoga, during my past 25 day streak, I would do yoga on most days - but after my recent relapses I have been put off doing it... and finding every excuse in the book to 'postpone it' until I felt 100%. I think this evening will serve the perfect time to get back to my exercise routine, hopefully it will do my brain some good.
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    Awesome, I'm totally in! We got this.
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    Only monks listen to that shit or how else can you meditate? XD!
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