100 Push-Ups a day in 2020, and other healthy habits

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by RebootingProtestant, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. RebootingProtestant

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    So, as a recovering porn and cutting addict, in 2019, I made a lot of progress as far as putting a stop to the bad behaviors. While not perfect, in 2020 I wanted to begin replacing the bad behaviors with good ones. As the title implies, I want to start doing 100 push-ups a day this year so that way I can feel better about my body and become more healthy in general. Also, while I am not underweight, due to my years of barely eating I have decided to turn that around and reach a weight goal of 150 by the end of this year. I have begun to eat more regularly, and have already jumped up to 135 from 130 in a month and a half. Also this might not have anything to do with this, but for you smart people out there, if I completely stop pmo, should that slow down my metabolism over time so that way I can gain weight easier?
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    I don’t see why abstaining would slower your metabolism, increased exercise would probably make it faster
  3. I gained weight, over the 30+ days of nofap
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    Congratulations on your success!

    I'm not convinced that abstention impacts metabolism/weight gain (or loss). In my mind eating more (which you're doing a great of job of) is what ultimately leads to weight gain.
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    Weight gain results from what you eat. My guess is that withdrawal could cause weight gain (fat) but due to eating more unhealthy snacks, not from any change to your metabolism.

    If you have a fast metabolism you can gain weight by eating more meat.
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    Hi buddy. The "recovering porn... addict" is a descriptor that me and most of us share here. o_O

    However, a cutting addiction is not. And "years of barely eating" sounds like it might be another mental health issue.
    I am just wondering what help, if any, is available. What diagnoses have you got for your mental health problems?

    Also, sorry to see you have zero days on your counter. That must challenge your mental well-being. :(

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