100% this will break your addiction. Only for commited quitters.(Credits to Metalmaniac9999)

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    I cosign If I were to watch a porn scene tonight then I will have the urge to watch another one tomorrow night and then I will be wallowing in porn again. This is like telling a meth addict to smoke just one more bowl and we all know how that will turn out...
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    Its really true! You can see it in my signature! We will fight the lust!

    My biggest mistake(lust) was on day 100 . I had very bad exam stress and I ask myself, "should I go back to my old habit to just relax?" I psubed, edge on pm and finally relapsed after 3 days.

    And you're also right on one thing, PMOing for 1-3min is better than edging for 2-5days. If you're lust have already consume you, all you have to do is finish it before it consumes you more.
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    Lust is like a turbo charger. Once you feed it with some air it will spool up.

    But Lust is natural feeling. There is nothing wrong with feeling lust.

    Because in the end what will make the difference is the "driver" or in our case that part of you that will decide where the lust will take you.

    Let me describe my point: Imagine there are more parts in you that can act as a driver than just you as the only one.

    Sometimes there might be a human part, best version of you or a thoughtful man, whatever might fit for you.

    But sometimes there is another part of you who is making the decisions, a darker side, raw, more emotional, maybe you want to call it dark desire, the animal or your chimp (see the book "the chimp paradox" for the term chimp). For me it is a dark desire.

    Let's asume that you see a sexy girl on the other side of the street, long legs and so on...
    1) you see her
    2) then whoever is on the drivers seat will react to that perceived image and will interpret it.

    The human part might say: Wow she is pretty and i would like to get to know her. You feel lustfull in a common and natural way.

    If the darker desire part is in the drivers seat it might say: Wow what a girl, i want to have her / do things... - Here the the darker side will max out lust much more likely.

    Do not get me wrong. There is no bad or good here. We are just looking at what might happen whoever is in that driversseat.

    So let us further assume that you know "maxed out lust" does get you much easier in trouble regarding your PMO goals.
    What can you do?

    a) Train your awareness to easier see when you have lustfull thoughts
    b) then check who might be there in the drivers seat.
    c) 1) if it is the darker part you can say stop, calm down that part who otherwise is ready for action. The letting the human part step in the drivers seat ( that means there is nothing bad about the dark side - your human part just does not want to let it loose and mess up your life at this moment)
    c) 2) if it is the human part, you might be able to handle a nice chat but then move on to something else. If you canot handle it without letting the darker side push your lust again, appreciate that moment and move on to something else.
    d) Celebrate your strength in not letting maxed out lust destroy your Nofap goals. Be proud that you respected your darker side and that you managed to stay in a loving connection to each part of yourself.

    It does not matter if you believe in parts of yourself. It works as well if you just accept that you are sometimes acting different in a certain situation. The point is to train your awareness and to then make a conscious decision.

    But please: If you let the dark side out for playing respect others and their boundaries.
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    "You have to really be a 1000% serious and you have to realize that you are not going to watch any more porn for at least a VERY long time. "

    What do you mean by "...for at least a very long time"? That's not 1000% seriousness.
  5. Gentle man

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    I cant agree more !

    that is how i could stop PMO for 10 months 6 years ago
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    So I was thinking about how to apply this and I was wondering if you can think of making out etc with your partner like what you can do better would you need to get rid of thease thoughts aswell?
  7. No, you had very bad exam stress, that was your trigger, lust was there throughout the 100 days, here and there.

    We may have lust but its in times of weakness and stress that we use porn to feel better.
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    Did you had a lust yesterday? This article literally helped me. You should nolust too!
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    Thanks bro, I was able to complete 30 days hard mode because of this thread!
  10. Being tired makes the body and mind weak. Good rest is so important in nofap.
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    To be honest i completely agree with everything you said there Lust and depression is for me always the way i relapsed and failed We have to program our brain when something like that pops up we straight away think of something else also i want to add something when you are outside and see a hot lady don't keep staring because it is also considered lusting and you will go home and look for more type of that women on the internet and mostly relapse and fail you have the joy for 3 min max or more then you are back to the old you all depressed and sad that you failed!!

    Thanks for bringing this up @Storm Bringer
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  12. That is absolutely true I lust way too much. I've been HEAVILY addicted to porn and I've only been doing this for a year and believe me when I say it has been very difficult to shake these lustful images from popping up in my head. I combat it by staying busy at work, but then I come home and sit in my room trying to find out how to channel my free time elsewhere. Go for a drive somewhere, listen to my favorite music, play some white noise on YouTube and shut my mind off...

    Just turned 30, still a virgin, yet talking to a girl one of my friends knows is single. If I wanna do something remarkable with my life and have my first time be truly mind blowing, this shit has to stop. PIED is also what's killing me. I've had several opportunities for sex in the past, but I was too intimidated.
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    Liked your Devil May Cry analogy :D
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  14. I know this is a month old but you are 100% correct. You are reprogramming your mind to change your pattern and habit. Congratulations, I hope as this finds you now still successfully employing this method.
    To make this stronger, practice in your mind for 5 -10 mins each day when you are not triggered the scenario where you get triggered. Practice being triggered and then using your method.

    For me its saying "THAT THOUGHT IS A LIE!!!" with as much emotion as I can.

    Practicing this makes it easier when it hits us in real life.

    Great job and advice, keep it man!!
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