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    i am at 105 days clean !!!
    in these days i have figured out what problem in my life led to these addictions of pmo .
    The reason was bullying all my childhood life .. from first grade till 10th grade! whole 10 years of bullying !
    yeah i know i have to choose to fight stay stif in front of these bullies and this is the key ! but u know no one was there to support and tell me this that bully are the loser itself in there lives !
    but anyways i had a huge impact in my life due to bullies . i had became a social joker who does not had self respect .. i had losed all self worth , self respect , confidence , social behaviour had became like i had fear in talkingand hence stammered ..(actually had anxiety in when i got intohighschool, so there were also i had no self respect and self esteem was zero .)
    so basically i turned to the dark side of pmo.
    so i knew my life story as i think that 10 years was wasted due to constant bulling and after that 5years got wasted due to pmo .

    BUT AFTER THIS 105 DAYS CLEAN ..i got to this point thatthank god i know now that what was the reason of sadness and darkness in my life .

    from now my life is changed by nofap and will just focus onfucking goals(no pun intended) in my life .

    so guys my message to struggling brothers and sisters is ...
    how much time have u wasted in doing pmo shit.
    arent u sick of that worthless stupid shit pmo in life !
    how much time have you wasted doing pmo daily.
    a hour a day ? 2 hours a day? 3 hours a day? the whole day? edging and finally mo!
    and some of them are like 3 years into pmo some are 5 years , some are 7 years , and some are even more years into this filthy stupid shit!
    a man needs 10000 hours to master any skill!
    if we had decided to work on skills rather than stupid shit pmo then we had became a millionare till now , no need to worry for money in life u know ! but no we wasted time!
    but u know what theres a chance now to overcome all the wrong shit in life !
    we have given a chance by life to work towards our dream !
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  2. Eddy space surfer

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    You are the one, keep it up my friend. Keep moving forward.
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    it is 10.000 hours not 1.000 tho
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    Great post!
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