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    This is it ...again... hitting 100 days with ease, but the good thing is , on the way to this goal I didn't have any slips or edging. Many things have changed for me and one of those things is that I don't need P anymore, I don't want it - it has become pretty uninteresting for me.
    Every time when I open this forum, I open it more rarely, once or twice a month now and I feel like I have to post something: "nah, it is a problem from past, why I should be touching this". Today I felt the same but felt obligated sharing this because of my will to say thanks to you all who were here to help.
    Probably this is my last post ...maybe I will share my progress in far far future..dunno.
    So what changed?
    I got in a relationship somewhere in day 20
    -I feel super calm and strong
    -I don't see problems anymore, I see only situations/challenges, which are solvable only by investing a little bit of my time
    - Everything is possible, just by trying a little bit
    - I don't seek attention anymore, I just come, do my job and move on. On weekdays I work like a horse, then I relax
    - I don't seek approval anymore, I just don't care, no one ever cared about you and no one will, just care about yourself and do what you love
    - I am more straight forward now, I don't use words like "maybe", "probably" so often, I I say things when I am really sure it is a yes or no, I don't say If I am not sure, If I have to give an answer, I will re-read it, calculate twice or more till I get a stable answer.
    - I love my looks more, I feel more confident
    - I am learning how to complain less, just suck it up and move forward.
    - Trying stuff even If I am scared to try it - Trying to give it all a shot... living once tho.
    Applying for a work position...What If they don't take me? Am I good enough...pfff, who cares, it is not so hard just to send your resume(CV) and motivation letter, just dedicate it some minutes and one click- send. If they don't take you...too bad, they just lost a possibility to hire an enthusiastic person, so he is now going to another company.
    - Handling stress better

    How do you achieved this?
    Lot of slips, many years of learning about myself, what triggers me, in what kind of environment I am when I slip, how I feel before relapsing. Streak by streak and there is improvement
    -If you don't start now, then when?
    - No super secrets, I live in dormitory, constantly busy, there is simply no time for porn
    - Got in a relationship....I just don't need porn anymore, I continue loving my gf and living as a normal human being like nothing has ever happened.
    - Self motivation and being busy is the key.

    What next?
    Work hard towards my dreams, learning hard, working hard so I become very
    competitive in my sphere of work and very skilled - professional.
    Continue living as a normal person...

    Any wishes to others?
    Suck it up no matter how hard it is - it will never be easy and continue fighting.
    Good luck ;)
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    Wonderful. Congratulations for your successful streak.
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    Well done
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    How can u fight urges & keep it smooth& effortless like that?
  5. Paper

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    I simply don't have them now, I am constantly busy and working so porn doesn't even come up on my mind + being in relationship kills all the cravings for porn. There is no recipe or secret, I am busy and happy :)
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    I hope the best for u
    Keep up the good work.....
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