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  1. Hi to all, today i am 108 days free from porn, I want to say that this thing really works and it really changed me as a person and helped me in lot of stuff, I am just 108 days porn free even though i masturbated maybe 7 times in those 108 days(without porn ofc ), but man even that is a success for me because before i learned about nofap i was watching porn and masturbating at least 3 times a day. I think that porn is the real enemy here because i really feel a lot better and feel a lot benefits even though i still masturbate. Today i will reset my counter and start my new challenge where i will avoid everything even masturbation for 90 days and to see if it will have even more positive benefits for me. But anyway i want to summarize what happened during those 108 days:

    1. Depression gone - This is a first thing i noticed because i was in a really dark and depressed place prior to nofap and now i can say that this cured my depression completely, I changed a lot of other things in myself too (started exercising, meditating, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, drugs, caffeine and eating healthy) so i think those things helped me too but i feel like nofap healed me 80% because i believe the reason for my depression was porn addiction.

    2. Clear mind - I don't know if this is because of nofap but man i feel so much clearer in my head, i have no brain fog at all, when i was porn addicted i felt so much mental clutter and tbh i felt dumb sometimes but now i really feel like my cognitive ability is improving.

    3. More motivation - I feel so much motivated to accomplish a lot of stuff in my life. Before i started nofap i was lazy, playing video games and watching porn all day and i had no goals in my life, but as soon i decided to change something in my life, one thing led to another and as soon as i improved myself in one thing (in this example stopped watching porn) and saw the benefits from it i felt like why wouldn't I change something else that's bad for me in my life. And now i kind of developed a passion for self improvement and personal development and i am doing everything i can to improve myself everyday.

    4. Social anxiety reduced - Now the thing about social anxiety is that nofap didn't really cured my social anxiety but it did reduced it a lot. It is probably because the cause of my social anxiety was not porn, it is something else but porn just worsen the symptoms of social anxiety a lot, I am really socially anxious guy but when i was watching porn my social anxiety was 9 (using the scale from 1-10) but now i feel it's like 4. It's probably because nofap boosts your confidence and as for social anxiety it is literally: social anxiety = low confidence and when nofap boosts your confidence it reduces your social anxiety but in order to cure myself i need to find different methods but avoiding porn is definitely a first thing i need to do.

    So i'll get a lot of critics here but i really think that masturbation alone is not a bad thing at all unless maybe it's compulsive but masturbation in moderation won't do damage at all in my opinion.

    That's all so if you have any questions and are struggling with porn addiction and depression feel free to contact me because i was in the same place so maybe i could help :)
  2. Good job!
    So true! Porn sucks the life out of anyone that gets lured into it's addictive web.
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    YES ! Keep on challenging yourself, break the limit !!!
  4. Good post brother!
    Happy to hear about the benefits. I won't ask anybody to stop masterbating for good because they are human and probably will need that release, like I won't judge them. At the same time masterbation became a habit that supported the consumption of porn, like people wouldn't watch porn if they couldn't get that pleasure through masterbating. It's like they kinda go hand in hand, if you were able to control the urges then good for you man! :)
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    I congratulate you for the vast improvement in your life. And it's fair that you project a more ambitious period without masturbation. Masturbation is very bad because sooner or later leads you to get bored with the present memories or fantasies and leads you to find them in...porn again. Which leads you to more masturbation and this is a cycle. There is nothing wrong with semen retention and nothing wrong with having sex with a woman, because in sex there's a subtle exchange ( maybe this is not explained scientifically). And it also boosts your confidence.
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    Great post man! Congratulations on the achievement. I had a question about if you had PIED and has the 100 days helped you out in that respect.
  7. Well kind of, i have PIED and I am not fully recovered yet but i can see some improvement there too, i guess when you start watching porn in young age where the neuroplasticity of your brain is strongest it takes a lot of time to recover from that, but i definitely do see some improvement.
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    that advice holds true for Non-addicts...which I believe is not the case with me or many others here.

    I appreciate your post, man! Thanks!
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    Congrats on your streak it is incredible.

    I agree that porn is more harmful than masturbation.
    Masturbation by itself is not that bad especially if you moderately do it like once a week or once every 2 weeks.

    But from experience and research. No Porn, No Masturbation and No Orgasm is much more powerful and beneficial than just No Porn. Like I would even say 10X more!
    Simply because of Semen Retention and Sexual Transmutation. I reached a point where I felt like an immortal being lmao, no joke, felt like I could do anything if I put my mind to it.
    Research Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich on Sexual Transmutation. It is powerful.

    The basics of it is that. Sperm/semen is a very important and vital fluid within a man. It is basically the main thing that separates us from women and makes us a man.
    One sperm cell can create a human life! and If we masturbate/ejaculate we are releasing billions of those cheaply.

    And it is scientific fact that sperm and semen contain a lot of nutrients like proteins, irons, zinc etc.
    They say a Mans DNA's number 1 role is to procreate and spread its seed. But if a man can control that urge and transmute it to creative purposes he will reach the status of a genius - Napoleon Hill.

    I recommend you research this, it is incredible.
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