108 days hard mode: my secret

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by fg4795, Aug 17, 2019.

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    I just read everything. I'll start faking it until I become it. Thanks Mr. Pigeon.
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    Its actually true,visualize yourself as you want to be and to try to act and feel as much as possible in the way you want to be in the future,there is some quote like "you got what suit you",there are a lot of serious and successful people talking about some similar things,they call it the law of attraction I think (there are more names)
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    that was really great, one advice: It would be nice if you edit that "fake it until you become it" with "fake it till you make it".
  5. Thank you. :) I have read it earlier, and so again. I wonder, do you are still meditating?
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    επιτελους και ενας Ελληνας ..
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    Great to see your success, my friend. Unfortunately I fell off my journey at around 70 days, but I will get there.
    I agree with what you are saying, fake it until you become it. Essentially, visualize the life you want and work towards it and you have it. And get comfortable with the discomfort along the way. We will always have good days and bad days. That's just life.

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    What a
    What a pearl of wisdom, thanks for sharing this.
    I often read on the topic, but you are describing it in a very practical and thereby powerfull way.
    I am gonna do this now.
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    My Journal
    Nice to be helpful my friend.
    And nice to hear from you again.
    How are you doing ?
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    Nice to hear this
    I'd like to know how severe did you consider yourself before commiting to nofap?

    Also how did you experience brain fog before starting nofap? I ask because I havnt seen much improvement in that regard( day 95) but I had brain fog for some years before getting to nofap
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    Winter was a good time:D
    Currently the situation with corona restrictions and the vacinations is very tensed.
    I have very different thinking friends and family parts and therefore this is a stressfull situation.
    But I am gonna leran from it and get out stronger and more skilled in coping with conflicts.
    I am also learning 24/7 for my exam starting at 5th of october. After this my life will be back but now I have to fight my laziness again.
    How are you doing?
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    Wow, interesting. good job
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    My Journal
    Really severe my friend, as my counter can confirm.
    We are talking about multiple times per day and problem with extreme porn escalation.

    I can say that brain fog improved after around 20 days.
    But porn was one of the main reason why I was at screen many hours.
    So I decreased also the hours I passed in front of a screen, and that helped much as well.
    So I would say also to count this. If you in 95 days are using the screens at the same rate
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    My Journal
    That's good to hear, you are trying to get some post stress growth my friend.
    Which is the good attitude.
    As for myself I've been through some tough moments. I got to 300+ days without porn, but I relapsed, and it was testing.
    Especially about the truth of things that I posted above for example.
    Doubted myself.
    But learned I didn't lie.
    We are what we think we are, and we are who we behave like.
    And in the long run I am still behaving as the person I want to be.
    And I will become him.
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    Awesome work man! Congratulations. I have to say that the increased focus make so of a difference in a persons life. But foremost how you use that focus. With intense focus on the right areas in life a person can achive anything and even go beyond what normally would be considered impossible. What I noticed was that I became much more confident in my decision making. I made decisions much quicker and I became much more effective in multiple areas of life.
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    My Journal
    Indeed my friend, the point is always how we use the tool we are given.
    Nofap gives us a lot of tools but still if we don't use them it will be like we have no benefits.
    Confidence and trust in yourself and your ability.
    That's what will make the difference.
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