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    Hey guys. I stopped watching porn on February 4th of 2015, and the road has been crazy. I'm 18 yrs old and I first started watching porn when I was 8 or 9. I watched almost daily, often times more, until Feb 4th of 2015, I was about to have sex with a very attractive girl I was with and my dick just sat there limp, refusing to work. I was freaked out to say the least. I started doing some research, ran across nofap and the rest was history. Its been an incredible journey. The superpowers you read about on here- they are so so so real. Two weeks after I stopped I began feeling happiness like I had never felt before. My productivity, memory, energy and pretty much everything else in my life went through the roof. I was incredibly social, funny, never felt awkward or embarrassed or social anxiety as I had in years previous. I felt incredible. eventually the feeling petered off and I returned to normal but with the knowledge of what I was capable of doing now apparent, I knew there was no turning back. The main motivation for this whole thing was to have a healthy sex life. I lost my virginity when I was young and my sexual performance/feeling was always what seemed to be good at the time. But as soon as I had sex during one of my energy surges, I knew I had been doing it wrong my whole life. The porn watching drained me of my desire and passion in the bedroom and there is no more amazing feeling than sex is now. But there have been many bumps in the road. I've relapsed twice, and very soon after felt the effects. Once in June and once in November of 2015. I'm still feeling the lull of the last relapse today. I have little desire to have sex, and when I've tried my piece is at half mass at best. I'll continue to update this as things progress but I guess I'm just making this account now to better track my progress. I want to know how long this is going to take to return to 100% performance and sex drive for someone who's struggled on and off with these things and someone who watched the amount of porn that I have from such a young age. I'm glad to be here and I'm looking forward to hearing from others! Feel free to ask any questions!
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    Nice! Regarding the problems in the bedroom, you might want to consider that part of the problem is sexual performance anxiety instead of being 100% porn-related. It's extremely common. Erections don't respond well to that kind of stress, so try to view sex less as a performance you have to do well, and more as something fun and low-pressure.
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    ED is caused by Lack of enough flow of blood to the Penis. These is a cardiovascular disease. People suffering from ED have incresed risk of heart attacks and Coma. ED is mainly caused by Pmo.

    When one quits Pmo for like 90 days, ED goes. 30 days Deathgrip is cured. Death grip is when you cant orgasm. This clearly shows that Pmo causes cardiovascular diseases due to depletion of Vital minerals in ones Body.

    Pmo kills. Depression is deadly & Pmo causes it.
    These are the signs & symptoms of depression;
    -Persistent sad, anxious, or
    "empty" mood
    -Feelings of hopelessness,
    -Feelings of guilt,
    worthlessness, helplessness
    -Loss of interest or pleasure in
    hobbies and activities
    -Decreased energy, fatigue,
    being "slowed down"
    -Difficulty concentrating,
    remembering, making
    -Difficulty sleeping, early-
    morning awakening, or
    -Appetite and/or weight
    -Thoughts of death or suicide;
    suicide attempts
    -Restlessness, irritability
    Persistent physical symptoms.

    Indeed, Loss of Semen brings death & gain of semen brings more than Just life.

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