110 Day streak after 3 years on NoFAP

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheFlash123, Aug 16, 2020.

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    Hey folks, this my first success story so far.

    I won't go into background much. But, I would say I was below average guy in my school as I was not much into study. I started with PMO when I was school and I was doing M* from various magazines and then I was exposed to P* with my high speed internet. I was not addicted but, I failed my class once in junior high school because of all this bad habits.

    Then, the turning point come when I removed internet from my home and I started reading various motivational books and I started working hard on study. I study so hard, that I becomes top 5 in my senior high school. You can say that I went from bottom 5 to the top 5. That was my life changing point. I'm very grateful to everyone who supported me. So, during this time I didn't watch porn for almost 3 years, and I rarely M* once or twice a month.

    Then, I joined undergraduate school and I did somewhat above average. I still was doing PMO but with less frequency. During this time, I learnt about the NoFAP, and I tried that when I went to international study program and it was mind blowing. I meet new friends during my international tour and I really enjoyed it. I would give credits to NoFAP for great time.

    Since then, I'm on NoFAP and I keep doing 30 days streaks, but I relapsed after reaching 30 days streaks because of lack of motivation. Then from last 6 months, I did 89 day streak and my last streak was 110 day. I was amazed with triple digit streak.

    I learnt that after 60 days streak your willpower will help you a lot to stop you from doing relapse. I had a great urge when I settled to new place around 35 days ago. I was about to watch porn as I was alone but, somehow god help me not watch the porn when the internet stopped working when I went to the bathroom. It was mind blowing, I didn't even do M, because I realize that it's not great thing to do. But due to boredom I relapsed with M today. I know that I broke biggest streak from here, but I'm not going to stop at all.

    No matter what don't lose hope in this pandemic situation. I did 100 day streak in pandemic situation when stay at home orders are there.

    The benefits I got from this streak:
    - I learnt to live with the current situation without thinking about what will happen in the future.
    - Started learning new language and started new internet in the financial market.
    - I realize my mistakes which I did previously.
    - I don't blame anyone if any things go wrong.
    - I gain lot of confidence when talking to people even on phone.
    - This sound crazy but, I got luckier and everything in life goes as per your plan.
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    Gongrats bro
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  3. Don't give Up, you got it man
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    Thanks for cheering up.
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    Same bro! I failed my 11th once because of lack of concentration,confidence and emotion. Once I did 30day streak(after my school was over).Now I am doing engineering and don't want to repeat my mistakes.right now I am on day 0 but I know I am going to reach 30day+ this time.
    So thanks for the motivation.
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    You can do it. Keep it up.
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    Congratulations man, amazing. Ejats your advice for someone who cant go past 2 weeks. Whats ur best tips

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