110 days no PM , premature ejaculation remains as strong as ever

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    Okay guys , let me sum up my NoFap and no porn experience to you:

    -> born with a foot fetish, decades of foot fetish porn and massive masturbation and very few real sex throughout my life.
    -> ED and PE always haunted me during my few sexual intercourses.
    -> currently 110 days with NO PM , only had 3 orgasms (real sex) during this time.
    -> very fit body and lifestyle, i do boxing and Pilates.

    I just came home from a date with a medical student as im writing this. She was very pretty and i liked her a lot. I visited her in her place, she lives alone.

    I was hard as a rock, Everything was marvelous until we made "some movements" with our clothes still on, and.....guess what? yeah, i came all over my underwear and pants, it was DISGUSTING, as i was storing months of semen.
    Okay, i was humiliated but i had a good excuse : "oh , you know, ive been abstaining for 110 days, can you believe it?"

    I took a shower and returned to bed with her. I gave two oral sex on her, she was pleased and satisfied.
    Now, other thing i noticed:
    40 min or 1 hour after having had orgasm my dick was still DEAD. This never happened in my masturbation days. She asked me to be on top of her again to simulate those sexual movements to spice things up. I obeyed and did the same thing while my dick was STILL DEAD. Hopefully, to save me from further shame and dishonor , she came before we could have sexual penetration on her.
    I only came again after kissing her feet with my dick between her legs.
    Her room and my clothes were disgusting because of my fluid.

    Oh, she blocked me on instagram and WhatsApp as soon as i left her place (dont ask me why), and here i am at home , with mixed feeling about everything that happened.

    I feel drained and tired, like i was some years ago after masturbating 6 times watching porn. Nevertheless, i feel a bit happy because i had an intimate experience with a cute girl and i feel at peace because of the two emissions, in spite of no penetration.

    To summarize:

    -My no-PM journey just made my PE WORSE.
    -Erectile Dysfunction seems to have improved just a little bit.
    -Im still very dependent on women's feet.
    -My no-PM journey improved my life a lot , in many ways, im very glad, but i WONT overcome my PE/ED without professional help or medication.

    Thank you all for your patience in order to read my broken english story.
    All comments are welcome
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    Um, this is probably a terrible place to be giving this advice to you, and if the mods need to delete this post then so be it, but the way to train yourself to control your orgasm is edging. It takes like a month of dedicated practice. It's like training for anything. Use a clock and don't let yourself O until a reasonable time has passed, like 15 minutes or so. After a few weeks you will develop better control of your ejaculatory response.

    Just, you know, don't use porn. This is about dealing with your PE, not relapsing.

    She blocked you because shit got weird. I mean, I'm no life coach or anything, but maybe you should be open about your sexual quirks with the next girl before you take her home? Then she will know what to expect and maybe even be psyched for what happens? Or she will know it isn't her thing and take a pass, which saves you a load of heartbreak.
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    Also, here's a thought: look for women who worship their own feet. Someone who likes nice shoes and pedicures might appreciate the kind of attention you want to give her. I feel like if I was into feet that would be one of the filters I would use when trying to identify potential sex partners.

    And I would be really open about how I felt about feet, but not in pushy, creepy, or demanding way. Like, if some girl made a comment to me about why I am single, I would just kinda shrug and say I'm really into feet and it makes it difficult to find someone who is compatible. I would say that I am comfortable with who I am and I know what I want and I am okay with waiting until i find it.
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    Edging works for that? This is vital intelligence for us virgins. Run before the NoFap police gets you.
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    You are trying to stop yourself from having an O, which is exactly what you do when you edge. Don't turn it into an obsessive hobby. THat is what everyone on this site is trying to avoid.

    This isn't just an opinion. There are actual studies that were done, I believe with couples. It isn't 100% effective, but it is the only way you can directly train your response. If you can get to the point where you can pull yourself back without stopping, then you can at least approach the situation with self-confidence, which is the foundation of success.

    Just remember that the most important part of any sexual relationship is consent. Enthusiastic consent, not reluctant consent.

    Best of luck.
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