114 days - my journey from SAD boy to CEO of 2 companies

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Marichman, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Awesome man, really inspiring story.... really great
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  2. L1ttl

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    My man I understand what you're saying. I'm not saying you're in the wrong for going to a prostitute, you know you are but we have all sinned. What I'm saying is not religion, and the only reason I'm posting here because it seems you do believe in God. Jesus is the ONLY way ultimately. Christians who do not succeed simply aren't Christians according to the standards of the Bible. It's not about religion, it's about relationship with the living God! Once we have that, we have everything.

    God bless you
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  3. Inactive User

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    Whoa dude that is an amazing story. Keep it up!
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  4. romlel

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    Thank for sharing, this kind of story is really motivating : )
    Maybe I will post mine when I hit 100 haha
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  5. fapequalsdeath

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    Woah nofap during thesis, that must have been stressful! And here I am bine-ing during my 20-30 pages for uni. Good job.
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  6. jlsl16

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    WOW first at all, i read all your story and let me tell you congrats really, today i relapsed and this motivated a lot. i think you will have a very successful live if you continue this path, you should be proud of yourself.
    i would like to ask which app do you use for keep the goals please
    and i would like to give you a quote that i heard in a movie very motivational, "rise and rise again until the lambs become lions"
    please keep going, your example motivates us,and if you need help, you know you have this place. good luck !!!
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  7. Warrior1995

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    I was thinking the same that how can one masturbate for 6 hours and feel happiness after that. I am amazed that how has he completed his masters studies with continuous PM sessions of years.
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  8. Vedas_fr

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    Yes, for me orgasm is really really costy. This the main reason i gave up m. a few years ago. But the energy cost is the same whether you masturbate or have intercourse. If i do it more than once every 10 or 12 days i get weird symptoms, and i experience an extreme drained state where even breathing is difficult. I wonder if i am the only one for who this is so bad.
  9. Marichman

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    I guess it all depends on our physical and mental state. If you masturbate once in two weeks, I do not call it addiction as in this page we have seen that even abstaining oneself from PM for a week is a big challenge for many friends. From my own experience, I can say that one masturbation per day for me was a normal phenomenon. With one PM a day, I could do every other thing physically and mentally that a normal person of my age did. As said earlier, there are many many factors which are responsible for each other stamina. I would consider you very lucky, at least you have a reason to avoid PM, but for many people, they are so strong physically and mentally that with continuous PM they do not feel much problems in daily life. However, they are unknowingly degrading themselves slowly and cannot gain much in long run.
  10. Johnhello

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    thanks so much the story man. good luck
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  11. Ved007

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    Hey buddy Thanks a lot for such an inspiring story .This really will help me a lot .Currently i am in very depressed state i don't have any motivation .Daily i cry on myself .Your story has given me hope .Once again thanks a lot man .
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  12. bold_me

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    Great inspirational story man. Really pulls me up and motivates to continue nofap.
  13. Marichman

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    Thank you. Good luck for your success brother.
  14. Atrium_Guy

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    Hey man I love your story and congratulations - keep going!! One thing thigh brother - while I’m happy for you that seeing the prostitute was mental therapy for YOU - and it was a benefit for YOU - it’s very important for all
    If us to recognize the incredible trauma it must be for the sex workers that are ‘serving’ this purpose. The sex industry has abductions, abuse, torture and deep DEEP suffering that most of us ‘users’ in here can barely imagine.

    If we are truly to become better men we can’t only think about US - and what we need - we must honor and respect women in totality. You must think about the circuksatanxes of this worker you went to see. She is NOT a hospital / there for your healing with no repercussions on her side.

    Like I said - I am happy for you - but brother, it is time to take a long deep look at what it means to be a man and take real accountability for ALL our actions. I hope this helps man.....
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  15. Discoverr

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    Thanks for the post. Such an inspiring success story for me. I'm able to relate many things to myself. Wish u all the best.
  16. Hank Pym

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    Oh my god you know everything my grandmother try to told me. I couldn't understand why astrology is that way. If you believe this then I will research and relate mass of each planat, its distance and how its gravity affect earth with astrology once vacation starts
    Its amazing that You know many things and you are doing well this days. Do you had IQ level 135 before nofap and 160 now?
    I also do yoga but not regularly like you, only in the vacation or when I get time for it. It's only reason I am not hospital or something. But 2 years of PMO did alot of damage. I used to solve complex algebra in seconds which other students can't complete in minutes. After pmo I became just like them, no interest in math and zombie.
    I think we and @Vedas_fr are from the same country. I am also looking forward to go for higher education in foreign but do not know how to live without family. I don't have any friends. I'm asocial and alone coz scared to have unlike minded friends. Family and cousins are only near and dear ones to me.
    I would love to see your projects. Hope those get successful in future. I would like to ask you carrier related doubts and universities, if you have free time.
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  17. theoptimist

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    That's very inspiring story. I am also planning to start my own business and just reading your story gave me a lot of positive energy. Thanks a lot :)
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  18. Marichman

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    Thank you brother. I understand what you said. Gook luck for your journey. Cheers
  19. Marichman

    Marichman Fapstronaut

    I have crossed 200 days. Looks like you just relapse. Be bit strong mentally. It is not as difficult as you have felt. Good luck for this time. I believe in you and you can make it. :)
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  20. What an inspiring and honest post man. I feel motivated somehow hahaha
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