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    I've probably PMO'd maybe 3 times since April. 114 day streak right now. At this point it's become my life and PMO isn't anything I think about. The days keep piling on and I would say I am much more proud of myself having adopted NoFap. Generally, especially when it comes to sexual matters, my life feels cleaner. Less perverse. In my personal life, I feel that I may have indirectly influenced a couple of people to at least think about abstaining. Those close friends who know that I refuse porn and masturbation. It makes me feel good because I believe that it is good.

    I am starting to really learn (not only from NoFap) that standing up for something you believe in makes you feel human. Yeah, we hear this all the time on TV or in movies. It's different when we experience it. I believe to stand up against the ills of our time takes a tremendous amount of courage and requires you to be super human. None of us really want to be outcast, and that sometimes prevents us from speaking out against what we know is wrong or unhealthy. Anyway, that's a different topic for another time.

    I don't want to talk about super powers or how my social interactions have changed. I just want to say that it feels good and I believe that it is good. That is enough for me and I hope that it is, or becomes, enough for you too.
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    Nice post.
    Congratulations to you!
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    Awesome job!
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  4. Congrats..keep going strong!
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  5. It is important to stand for what is good for you! Congrats!
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