12 day streak broken!

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    So after 12 days of no masturbation, I broke my streak :emoji_pensive:. I'll try to make it to 3 weeks starting from today. As mentioned in my previous post I'm on a rich protein diet now and I also take multivitamins. My chocolate intake (an aphrodisiac) is also high. After 10 days of no masturbation I started feeling urges and carnal desires started popping up. I resisted them for 2 days. This time I'll be even more vigilant. One thing I've realized is what Leonardo DA Vinci said ' It is easier to resist in the beginning than in the end'. These carnal desired are like snow balls you must expect that they'll grow in intensity if not arrested sooner than later. I thought the milder ones maybe enjoyed wherein you're just into foreplay and all but they quickly grew in intensity so even the milder desires must be avoided. Also I installed Telegram for an online course but its search function showed many explicit results which acted like triggers. These damn triggers are everywhere I'd like to know how can I save myself from their influence because completely eliminating them is impossible.
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  2. "Fall "n" times, get up "n+1" times."
    -some bloke
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