12 days no MO/ PMO feel weird

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    Hey guys,

    I am having a lot of mood swings right now after 12 days of no ejac. I get irritable quickly, zoned out depression spurts every so often, and then I become extremely euphoric for holding on and not giving in. My thing is tingling down there all the time, no matter what the circumstances are and how inappropriate the time may be. It bothers me.

    I am also a bit anxious about the results of my reboot when I finally get there. Will I still have a strong sex drive? Will any unhealthy fetishes I may have had disappear? It's just a big mystery to me. I've been masturbating since I pretty much was physically able to ejac. This has been a 6-7 year daily habit. It's been a long time since I've operated based on my factory settings.

    If any of you feel similarly, feel free to share.
  2. Oh my, dear me. That means your body is suffering the "withdrawal" symptoms. You were really addicted to PMO as a drug. Yes, I have gone through that as well in the first month of my own PMO-free period. My sex drive hit the ceiling!

    Firstly, you need to change your diet. I find low GMI, organic, Mediterranean and deli-style food (including yoghurt, cheese, olives, old fashioned stuff) to be the best in helping me stay calm and in control. You need to find ways to calm yourself down and find another outlet for your additional energy. If you can use up your energy in sports or some physically draining activity such as gardening out in the sun, your withdrawal symptoms will calm down as well.

    Your sex drive should increase to the point where you realise you need a real sexual partner, not an artificial one, as nature intended. For now, though, however you need to change your life and your usual routines to the point where you can accommodate the "new" porn-free you.
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    Thanks, but I don't think that is entirely accurate to my case. I haven't got off to porn in sometime, probably close to two months, but masturbating was still a habit once or twice a day. I just feel as though my body has become so accustomed to releasing semen everyday, and now its completely cut out. I guess I am just irritable because my brain is missing that dopamine rush it received everyday.
  4. If you do feel you need to badly release, just hold on for another day to "force" your body into the new gear and then masturbate gently in cool shower. Then reset your counter and try again to restrain yourself from MO for a longer period. Not everyone will agree with me in giving this advice but we're trying to empower one another not make others suffer from natural sexual frustration. Also, since you are used to ejaculating every day (just like I was), I honestly don't expect you to stop all of a sudden when you have no other way of release (like by the help of a sexual partner). You are better off stopping gradually until your body is used to not masturbating as often until you stop masturbating completely.
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    @Pixelated Victory

    Hi there - as Shadowscholar pointed out, what you are experiencing are the common withdrawal symptoms from abstaining from a lifelong habit. It is completely normal to feel the things you are feeling right now - take heart! It means it's working.

    The important thing is to not let the anxious thoughts overcome you. I know how hard it is to feel anxious about your sex drive, whether you'll still be able to maintain an erection, what your performance will be like post PMO and a million other things. This is where a lot of people fail - they 'test the water' as it were, just to make sure they're still active down there.

    Trust me. You're still active down there. Don't give in.

    Your factory settings are more than sufficient - and far more satisfying than the drug like shots of dopamine you're addicted to. You'll be in control of yourself, and be able to express your desires on a whole new level.

    And on a personal note - the hardest thing I found about giving up PMO was the depression that followed. It was irrational, and really quite scary. In the moment, it was hard to accept the advice of others that it was just 'because I was abstaining.' It felt like it would never end. But I'd love to encourage you - it passes. It gets easier to manage the crazy swings in mood and the odd sleep patterns. Before long, the buzz you get from abstaining far outweighs the buzz of PMO, trust me.

    You're on the right track and doing the right thing. Keep it up, and keep us posted!
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