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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by baptizemymind, Mar 19, 2017.

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    Checking in. It's been twelve days, but this morning I almost did MO, but stopped before it was too late thankfully. earlier this week I fooled around with non-nude searches, but managed to not watch P, thankfully, and did not even try to MO. In other words, it has been bumpy, but I think it has been a good (almost) two weeks of saying "no"
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    What you did is called "Edging",
    I posted few threads about it and all the members told me that "edging is worse than masturbation."
    Dont touch your penis for 90 days, dont try to check the process, just have faith and go till 90 days and u will see results,
    Im day 18, i have been fapping for 10-12 years. 4-5 times everyday,
    and im already seeing results, - my morning wood is back and rock solid, and the erections remain as long as i want in the morning,
    even during day time, im getting rare semi-erections like 10% , but im happy atleast something is happening because earlier i wouldnt get erection at all, without touching myself.
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    Yea be careful bro... I know it's tuff and challenging

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