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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by FormerFapaholic, Apr 15, 2019.

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    AFTER much progress made so far from (if you exclude the relapses). Like losing weight, getting fitter, healthier and on the process to getting a leaner and ripped body. But also moving out into my own place. Picking up hobbies and doing activities I used to love doing in the past. But also concentrating and working on other life goals.

    In my recent series of relapses, it's really dawned on me that journalling and a support group on WhatsApp - a very good one at that - is just not enough for me. I feel that I need to reach out and speak to someone (or a small group) in person and face to face.

    To put this plainly, I can't do this alone.

    This is where it occurred to me to go on a 12 Steps programme. As I need to open up and reach out to people. Where I can be around like-minded people who are suffering a porn/sex addiction like myself. Let go of the guilt, the shame, and the pain from this. Where I can be free and relieve myself from this. Allow myself to be vulnerable and have it out in the open. As I'm far too ashamed or embarrassed to share my problem with my nearest and dearest. Out of fear from not being understood or taken seriously.

    I feel that this is one of the ways I can make further progress on my recovery. What do you make of it? Has anyone been or going to a 12 Steps programme help them on their recovery?
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    Yeah being honest and talking about it face 2 face can really help : )
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    Yes, they can help. I have been going for about 4 weeks. I could not find on locally, but I did find one with a weekly conference call. www.pornaddictsanonymous.org. Good luck.
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    You're doing great sharing with others. It really helps a lot. Cuz "Sharing is caring". Just stick yourself at no pmo and be strong.
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    I've been going to Sex Addicts Anonymous for years now. For all the reasons you note above, the combination of this site, that group and personal therapy has made a huge difference. Still working at it, obviously, but the changes I've seen have been considerable.

    Just drop in to a group or two. They are all different, so look around. And keep doing so until you find one that feels right - then work it like you work this place!

    All the best...
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    Update guys, I will be going to an SA group meeting tomorrow. Will keep you updated on how it goes...
  7. Pepezapallito

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    Yo soy miembro de AL-anon hace 3 años y fue lo mejor que me pasó en la vida.
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    "I am a member of AL-anon 3 years ago and it was the best thing that happened to me in my life."


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