120 Day Mark

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by BigCatTunski, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. BigCatTunski

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    Made it 120 days. Although temptation is still all over the place.

    I recently got into Twitter, and a lot of people I follow like and retweet things that involve sex (P basically) and I sometimes find myself faltering by the wayside. But before I get too deep into it, I block the page that only posts P and I go about my day. Didn’t result in M though, so I’m happy about that.

    I’m still trying to work on myself, but it’s so hard to shake the idea that I’m single again. And especially since I’m on a “friends with benefits” stage with my ex, I certainly feel like it complicates a lot things.

    I get kinda sad sometimes, but it doesn’t last always. Although I’m getting a lot of sexual thoughts, I still refuse to act on it. I’m glad I know better now. 120 days in, now looking forward to 150. Wish me luck.
  2. Kakarot_2694

    Kakarot_2694 Fapstronaut

    Congrats on 120 days... that's a feat in itself... getting back into Twitter with your account of what's getting retweeted and stuff seems to be a slippery slope...might hinder your progress...just do away with it man... nothing worthwhile over there...onto 150 now...cheers
  3. control your life

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    Congrats! Wish you luck :)
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  4. Alex1111

    Alex1111 Fapstronaut

    Be aware, urges might kick in any moment from now, try not to act on them whatever you do. Good luck, may God bless you.
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  5. vad

    vad Fapstronaut

    Well done! Good luck!!
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  6. 4eyedfox

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    I have found that social media has led to most of my relapses. I have found that just completely removing them from your life is the best option. Sure you will be bored for the first week or two not pointlessly scrolling through feeds, but what are you really gaining from seeing peoples lives that you don't care about. If you actually care about someone and want to know what is going on in their life text them or call them, or even better go meet them and talk in person.
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  7. Ajar

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    Utilize those thoughts on the ex.
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  8. Homo Deus

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    120 days, seems unreachable for me. Gz and good luck!
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