120 days hard mode... Realizations so far

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by JimmyParacas, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. JimmyParacas

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    My experience after 120 days hard mode:

    1.- Any Super powers?
    Concentration. I'm currently studying two languages and the ability to focus on repetitive tasks is amazing. Memory is clear and intuitive, even if I've only seen a word once my brain already points in the right direction when seeing it again.
    I feel that if I clear all of the clutter in my life my brain will be a power house. So much room in my head cleared after giving up my main addiction.
    I also seem to have unlimited energy. At the end of the day I'm not tired.

    2.- Anything going wrong?
    Anxiety. It builds and builds. But I'm being treated for that, it came before porn and is a medical condition. Hard mode isn't helping with that, orgasm being the body's most powerful natural sedative. It is, though, way better than porn, even though for most of my life I used porn to get rid of anxiety.

    3.- Were all 120 days difficult?
    Not at all. For me, the worst was the first month or so. Headaches and cravings were unbearable. Could not sleep. Some people claim that for them up to day 60 is a struggle. But after that it becomes a breeze. The last 30 days have gone barely noticed.

    4.- It takes more than gving up porn to develop super powers, right?
    It takes giving up your entire life of non-productivity and making your everyday into an adventure. I'm still struggling with giving up video games and this weird addiction I developed for divination and clairvoyance services online.
    But I've had small tastes of what life can be when fully productive. It feels like heaven on earth compared to being addicted.

    5.- K9 Software?
    Get it. It's free. It's a gift from God. He believes in us, apparently, though some of us don't believe in him.

    6.- What about reading on and on about nofap.
    For me, all I needed was on Reddit, yourbrainonporn and art of manliness' article on willpower. After you've compiled the information you need, you should go about about making your life easier, making the changes you need to make in the real world. You have to forget about NoFap sometimes. The reality of your life, the one you were escaping from, will at times hit you like a train, so now is the time to forget about everything porn related and just change your life.

    7.- Sports, cooking, Bonding?
    Everything that releases dopamine is good. Find how the dopamine release system works and get to doing some of those activities. All of them if you can. Cravings just mean low dopamine, if you can keep your brain releasing dopamine while doing something else, your doing your soul a favor.

    8.- On Finding others
    Find others. Could be accountability partners, or could just as well be people who are willing to improve their lives in other facets, but in the same measure as you are. You need the strenght and support of others, at least one, but you will, in time, develop a group of like-minded people.

    9.- What If I keep relapsing? Am I the problem? Is something wrong with me?
    You are not the problem. You are just confused, you don't have enough information on addiction, on yourself, or on life. But don't turn this addiction into a flaw of character, don't mistreat yourself. You are only confused and as of right now are still a victim of your own mind-body connection. Don't punish yourself, one reaps the actions of one's own consequences, and they are punishment enough.

    10.- Enjoy Life
    It's the one thing you can do to permanently get rid of cravings, it is your only hope and your final solution to your obstacles, your relapses (we relapse in other things, not just in porn), and you misery. So go ahead and follow your bliss, your gut, your whatever that gives you a sensation of freedom and tranquility. Bliss is the true solution to this.

    Jimmy Out.
    Hugs to you all.
  2. DireWolf

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    amazing work Jimmy!, congratulations on all your acomplishments i hope it just keeps getting better, i specially liked number 10 it was beautiful
  3. Bearommesa

    Bearommesa Fapstronaut

    Absolutely fantastic to hear! Keep us updated on any new realizations you may encounter.
    Keep on going and once again awesome to see it is possible.
  4. fabiology

    fabiology Fapstronaut

    Great Post man, thank you for sharing!
  5. The_Waffles

    The_Waffles Fapstronaut

    Really liked the post. I think it was just what I was needing tonight.

    Best wishes :cool:
  6. tom1199

    tom1199 Fapstronaut

    Empowering to read. I wish I could extend to 120 hard mode as well.
  7. Virtuose

    Virtuose Fapstronaut

    what kind of anxiety? social?

    i have beliefs that nofap may cure my social anxiety.
  8. JimmyParacas

    JimmyParacas Fapstronaut

    Social anxiety is somehow related to guilt or shame, In my opinion. In that sense NoFap made social interactions easier. The thing is I suffer from generalized anxiety, which exists with or without people around you.

    Life feels so much cleaner without addictions, you wouldn't want to go back even if they didn't cure other forms of anxiety. Your faith in NoFap is well placed.
  9. Thanks for the post. How long did it take you to notice changes. I'm struggling at the moment, feel like I'm having drug addiction withdrawals which I guess I am really!
  10. JimmyParacas

    JimmyParacas Fapstronaut

    Changes come and go, you get a surge of energy around the first week, then it goes away, then it comes back again.

    And like I said about the withdrawal symptoms, they went away for me after the first month. I think if your belief on the NoFap challenge is solid, then after going for 30 days without anything M related will be a breeze for you. By looking at your counter I can see you still aren't getting past that, and I know it's difficult. But please tell yourself that after that phase everything gets better
  11. Eric Forman

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    Thanks dude, very motivational! How were your energy levels before nofap? Did you feel energetic at all back then? I'm at day 37 and don't feel more energy now, it should come later right. I'm pretty much wasted when I wake up already.
  12. firdi

    firdi Guest

    Thanks for taking the time to write your experience. It makes me want to reach 120 days and find out for myself how it feels.

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