120th day today, here is my progress.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by DaveKing, May 12, 2019.

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    Month 1 = Most difficult. Not crazy difficult, just had to suppress the urges.
    Month 2 = Easiest month, was indifferent to women around me and erotic thoughts.
    Month 3 = Had sex with 2 partners, one decided to stop seeing eachother. The other one I could barely get my dick up and she was the girl I chose to focus on. Changed my goal to no PM (I want to O in a relationship). Had my first wet dream at day 90.
    Month 4 = Had a few wet dreams, which are annoying to clean up in the middle of the night LOL. Stopped taking Maca pills (which increase testosterone), and had less wet dreams thankfully. I only took them for a week though.

    This last month was a strange one for me. Maybe because I had sex and am now in a relationship, I'm back to ogling women and having more erotic thoughts. But not about women I used to watch in P before noFap (those thoughts are very rare). But thoughts about the first girl I had sex with during noFap (not my current girlfriend). It was great and we connected sexually, just not emotionally. But now I want to connect emotionally with my girlfriend, and started having trouble getting an erection.

    Anyway, at day 120th I'm realizing I'm probably having too many erotic thoughts and need to discipline myself again. Not just out of respect for women around me, but to avoid the thoughts. But on the other side I fear that will make me go back to feeling no excitement when seeing a women's body, specially my girlfriend.
  2. Congratulations Dave. I've made it to six days (yesterday) I just set myself back again. This inspired me to keep moving forward and fight my habit. I "M" with a friend earlier today so I am not going to count that. But I've realized it takes a week for the penis to even heal after one M session. It gains more strength. I can only just imagine how it would be after a few weeks or a month. I pray deep in my heart that I can move forward and attracting a relationship like you man.

    I feel I've waited way to long for this somebody. But I understand that god is probably saving a wonderful woman for me.

    Keep the streak alive my man!
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    Keep up the good work! Whatever you do, don't get complacent. Definitely more worth to discipline yourself if you're having sexual thoughts on a regular basis. This will only lead to pmo, in my experience. Just imagine losing the streak and starting over, because of the fear to lose the excitement. Keep going bro, godspeed.
  4. Congratulations on the 120! :)
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    Congratulation and good luck. Update us if there will be anything new.
  6. frantrunks

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    Congrats!! 120 days is a big goal. I think that everyone feeling fear and is not easy stay on the streets everyday and see womans and try to clean our thinkings. Come on Man. God bless your effort.
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    Congrats dude! I've never heard of maca pills. Why did you start taking them?
  8. DaveKing

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    Thanks all for your support.

    I am definitely not going to relapse. I've already trained myself to not need to M. The hardest is to avoid urges and thoughts. That's impossible.

    I couldn't get an erection with my new girlfriend the first two times we tried to have sex. A friend told me about them that they would reduce stress and help boost testosterone (I was afraid stress was preventing me from getting an erection).

    At the moment, my conclusion is that it's all psychological with her. I am either anxious or nervous, so I am simply strengthening our relationship before going back to having sex. Might try my luck tomorrow during Netflix and chill. Wish me luck! haha
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