127 days - Losing Faith (PIED/PE)

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by LMSav, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. LMSav

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    I am 127 days into no PMO. I am 20.

    Libido has been non-existent throughout. Very occasional weak erections.

    I suffer PIED and premature ejaculation which I think is a result of weak erections and 3 years of sexual inactivity. I take Cia lis and get a weak erection, and cannot last more than 30 seconds.

    Got together with my amazing girlfriend a month ago after nearly 5 months of dating but we have only had penetrative sex once, using cia lis (I didn't tell her I took it) and I am scared that the PIED and premature ejaculation years of porn abuse has given me will damage our relationship going forward. I just want to have great sex with my girlfriend but that feels so far away right now. I am not even getting any signs of improvement after 127 days, so I guess I have been in flatline from the start. She has said on many occasions shes worried I don't find her attractive even after reassuring her this is not the case.

    I feel so depressed. I have been open with her about it and she's great, but she does want to have a sex life with her boyfriend and even with medication that's something I just can't give her right now and maybe for a lot longer.

    Honestly might go to the doctor, as I am worried this is a testosterone issue. I have not struggled to get to day 127 as I have literally not had a single urge, random erection or anything of the sort.

    I just want this to be over, and I just want to see signs of improvement for my sake, and the sake of my relationship.

    If anyone can offer any insight it'll be more than welcome :(

    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    Well i am new here , but i think you can definitely go to a doctor , dont feel shame and go and consult UROLOGIST , see right now you and your girlfriend love each other , right now she will accept you the way you are but , sex is a need and it is a need for both the genders , you simply cannot ask your gf to quit her need and get settle with whatever she is getting , it may work fine for some years because you both are in love , but our body has its needs and it should be fulfilled , we cannot ignore it for ever , so before things gets out of your hand and you loose your love ( gf) , you should simply go and consult a doctor .

    1. Start working out ,
    2. Take Ashwagandha ( INDIAN HERB) , I am an Indian and this herb is very powerful so you can take it in the form of capsule or powder , before going to sleep with a warm glass of milk , it will surely benefit you and ,
    3. Last you can consult a doctor ,

    Your PREMATURE EJACULATION has been developed by you , i am suffering from same but i dont have a girlfriend or wife in my life , so i will wait for it to get treated naturally but if it doesnt get repaired then i will definitely go and i will consult this matter with my Doctor ,

    I simply believe that , these are my sins that led me to this problem of premature ejaculation and this is totally my fault and only I should be held responsible for this thing , and if tomorrow i come across with the love of my life then she should not suffer due to my mistakes , its her life and she deserves all the happiness in the world including great SEX , if i cant provide her with that thing then i dont deserve her ,

    I have created this problem and only I should suffer it only I .
    All the best brother i hope you have found my answer helpful , good luck for your life .

    May God bless you with all the happiness in the world that you deserve and heal you completely .
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  3. LMSav

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    This isn't particularly helpful to be honest
  4. TheLightOne

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    What works for me is super quick fap before date(20 seconds under shower) or just do double-action.

    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    well i am sorry , i was just trying to help , but its all in the mind , we have trained it to fap as soon as we can , like remember your first time when you fapped , it was a total new exp for you and your brain so it took a lot of time when you first fapped.
    But as you or any fapper who is dealing with this problem continued with his fapping , all he did was trained his mind to get to the climax as soon as he can , because that is the moment when dopamine gets released and we enjoy it , just a 5 sec pleasure the orgasm , so like this we have trained our mind to get orgasm as soon as we can , so now when we have sex , our penis veins and muscles have got weak due to our fapping nd as soon as we get into penetration act , we release our sperm , and this weakening of muscle has led to the problem of nightfall , so my friend ,

    You can meditate since you are on a very good streak , plus you can workout , and if you can you can go and see your doctor, taking these pills will not going to benefit you in the long run and these pills must have some side effects which i know you dont want to experience it .

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