13 yr old's 90 day NoFap HONEST Review

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    My History with PMO

    I first came across a porn video on my dad's tablet when I was 6 years old, I found it very repulsive but I was curious so I went on YouTube and did some researching and eventually found a sex documentary (YouTube was a lot more lenient back then), I'm not sure what changed in me but I enjoyed watching the video. After that I would occasionally look at pornographic things on YouTube, I did this until I was 7 years old, I stopped because I felt that it was sort of a wrong thing to do. Fast forward 4 years, I am 11 years old and doing decent at school. On the internet I heard a lot about people jerking off or looking at porn etc, and I was curious as to what the people were watching and also how jerking off felt. I think I typed in 'porn' on google and I clicked on the first result. I found what you would find on any porn site and It turned me on a lot, as I was watching the videos my penis felt weird, so I decided to stroke it over my underwear, and It felt good, I did this for a while and eventually came, and I actually thought I had just pissed my pants or something but I looked under and felt it and It definitely was not piss. I did this for a while until 28 April 2020, I decided that I would try NoFap for at least 90 days, the reason being I started noticing that I sometimes I would jerk off as more of a habit or just because I was bored, instead of doing it because I wanted to.

    Honest Review of 90 Days of NoFap


    -I can replace my time fapping with something more productive

    -I feel a little better in general

    -I feel more confident


    -I always feel like I'm repressing my urge to fap

    -I can't go on social media without having to be extra careful of triggers

    -Had a lot of flatlines which made me want to lay in bed all day

    -Made me feel guilty whenever I saw a trigger or did anything close to PMO

    -The pros only apply when I don't have a flatline


    I think NoFap is great, however I don't think this is for EVERYONE, I think NoFap is more for people who either have severe porn addictions or people use NoFap as a way to achieve something bigger. In my case I had more cons than pros but I think the main reason why Is because I didn't do anything more than NoFap, what I mean by this is I didn't try anything that i could do to improve myself, such as exercising, eating healthy, or working on something big and imporant. Instead, all I really did for the 90 days is go to my online school, lay in bed, play some games and sleep, the only other thing that I did was take cold showers, but that was at around day 50, not very interesting or productive is it? What I'm trying to say here is that if you're gonna try NoFap, do it properly, you aren't going to notice anything significant if all you do is not masturbate and not watch porn, you need to better yourself for results, start working out, start eating healthy etc, I think of NoFap as more of a stem to all the good things that you can do and achieve. Beware of flatlines though, those things can make you feel like shit but If you can get past it you will feel normal again. I also think the whole 'girls are looking at me more' is just a total placebo. **So do I recommend NoFap?** Yes, I think It can benefit a lot of people, but I won't go as far as saying I would recommend NoFap to everyone in this world. Personally, I don't think we should look at PMO as something evil or bad, I never felt guilty or depressed after jerking off,In fact a lot of the times I felt happy and relaxed. But if you are trying to achieve something, or just have a big problem with PMO then for sure, try it out.

    TLDR: In my opinion, I think NoFap is great, but I think you should only do it when either have a bad problem with PMO, or if you are trying to achieve something bigger.
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  2. Woah you did this at 13? I didn't even discover porn till I was 13.

    This is inspirational. You found out about this movement so young. But were also exposed to porn so young. It is like the good and the bad. People are finding porn now at younger and younger ages. But this movement also is gaining momentum and outreach. I hope you continue doing the nofap. I don't see a reason to bring back porn to your life.

    Anyways congrats on the 90 days.
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