130 Days Hard Mode. Best Decision of my Life.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheMessenger, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. TheMessenger

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    Alright just a recap of my 130 days on hard mode. Im 20 and ive been on and off nofap since i was 18 and have been fapping for years but for the first time ive gone past 100days.

    Who i was before nofap:

    *Anxious kid who was worried about what people thought of him.
    *Depressed and was constantly in a low mood.
    *Emotions were out of balance and constantly having mood swings from extremely aggressive to extremely emotional and mellow.
    *Over thinking every little thing i did.
    *No confidence
    *Didn't feel masculine or alpha at all. Always felt inferior to every one around me
    *Was a nice guy not because im genuinely nice but because i wanted peoples approval
    *Failing school, No motivation and just extremely lazy overall

    Who i am now

    *Feel very comfortable in social environments, Socialize very smoothly.
    *Hit on woman relentlessly without the fear of rejection.
    *Learnt to magnify my strengths instead of my weaknesses and people see it.
    *Leader in social situations.
    *Not afraid to be my true self.
    *Emotions under control. if i wanna be mad i will be. if i wanna be chill i will be. im in control.
    *Embrace my manhood and do everything my way without looking for approval except for my own.
    *Motivation is there but be careful. with the new carefree attitude you get, it can make you a lil to carefree and lazy lol
    *Just overall better, healthier, stronger and smarter lol

    130 days recap:
    It wasnt just nofap that contributed to my well being, it was also cold showers, and my diet. Focus on your testosterone levels aswell. Because even though you rack up a nice amount of days. Low testosterone can hinder your progress. I never really gymed but i dont feel the need to cause i already feel at peace mentally. woman love me cause im charming and a flirt now lol. My reboot wasnt a easy one. I flatlined for awhile and became very depressed around day 70 to day 100 maby but after that. i just became superman. Dont let the flatline scare you. Ride it out. Its definitely worth it. After day 120 i became irresistable to woman, not because i was goodlooking or confident. it was cause my words just flowed fluently and i just had presence now i didnt have before. Now alot of guys respect me, not because i acted alpha or anything. its because im always an helping hand and always got good advice when my brothers are down and they look up to me. My journeys far from complete, But i feel like ive made a big improvement. To my nofap people. Keep striving cause in the end. Itll be all worth it.

    Yours Truly
    The Messenger

    P.s i wanted to keep going about the benefits. but i want you to experience it yourself.
  2. I could identify myself with who you are before nofap...inspiring and has generated a renewed vigour...thanks
  3. swifty

    swifty Fapstronaut

    Who you were before sounds staggeringly like I feel around now. This was a wonderful post and I enjoyed reading it. Good for you, and thanks for being a part of the community.
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  4. Jimb0

    Jimb0 Fapstronaut

    Awesome! Very inspiring sir. I am going through the same thing with confidence issues. Your story gave me big hopes. Looking forward to the future!

    Best Wishes and Happy Living :)
  5. OSU32

    OSU32 Guest

    Dead on! Good stuff and the truth of struggles/pitfalls that WILL HIT. Can't and wont always be in the "motivation high" zone. Take actions when you feel low, when you feel high, when things are going great, and when things suck---- when we learn to live this way, we are beginning to do No PMO in disregard of our feelings.
  6. ColeO

    ColeO Fapstronaut

    I'm just getting out of flatline, and I'm glad every part of the reboot is worth it because that's what I'm going for, even if the flatline lasts even longer I wont break. Keep going man, excellent job, and we'll follow in your footsteps!
  7. aeonez

    aeonez Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing your success...this is what nofap is all about. If it were not for guys like you walking through the fire ahead of us then we would not be able to believe in what's on the other side. I love to read a focus that is on how great a change this progress has been. Keep it up because I counting on you brother!
  8. Redemption

    Redemption Fapstronaut

    Thanks for posting, TheMessenger. I think you've done well to inspire all of us to keep pushing forward.
  9. StarKing

    StarKing Guest

    You are more than a messenger, you are a King!
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  10. coolboy

    coolboy New Fapstronaut

    Hi I am also on hard mode and I am on day 103! Anyways I am new to nofap.org and I am referred to this site by a fapstronaut from yourbrainrebalanced.com! Good luck to you!
  11. lilnavadaa

    lilnavadaa Fapstronaut

    Your story is so damn inspirational! I have this page bookmarked. Thank you for sharing.
  12. imrahul4ukr

    imrahul4ukr Fapstronaut

    You have mentioned all things which i m today in your before section. ..,i will.surely say YES to all your AFTER nofap section
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  13. philzdaman

    philzdaman New Fapstronaut

    Great progress! One day I hope to make it to 130 days like you!
  14. Observer_Ponderer

    Observer_Ponderer Fapstronaut

    well done bro

    Very inspiring for people like me to read you post....I have just started out on this journey (Day 2) and I am pretty much what you have described the person you were when you started out. But reading this, I already feel a positive sense of anticipation of the good things to come into my life. Hope I get to experience what you have :)
    Keep up the good work and keep posting! :cool:
  15. Observer_Ponderer

    Observer_Ponderer Fapstronaut

    coolboy......friend, it would be great if you could share your experiences in a few words here!! cheers!
  16. Captain B

    Captain B Fapstronaut

    After 90+ days I can relate to most of the "Who I am now" section! Not entirely in every way yet but I know I'm getting there. Thanks for keeping my motivation up!
  17. trynot.do

    trynot.do Fapstronaut

    i think really to get the benefit of abstinence and feel your complete strength hard mode is the best and whoh salutes to you :)
  18. Fapstinence

    Fapstinence Fapstronaut

    Hey, very motivating post! I will remember you, when I make my first 130 days!
  19. Quints

    Quints Fapstronaut

    Hey man, can see a lot of what you were in me at the moment, hoping to see a lot more of what u became in my own journey.. keep it up!=)
  20. Andyst343

    Andyst343 Fapstronaut

    Well done to you,
    you are where I want to be. Ive just hit my 90 day, I am happy of course but I wanted to scream it from the roof tops and thought I would feel on top of the world. But im still in this frickin flat line, feel like its holding me back big time. its been nearly 3 months!
    Again congratulations to you.

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