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    Yo y'all. So I have over 130 days - 4 and a half months to be exact.

    I could say the benefits and downs so far but I've done it so fucking much that please just go look at my previous posts.

    What is life like? Well I'm still working on it. I'd have to say its become simpler and can focus more on my self care activities. When I stopped all of my addictions my mind sort of didn't stop looking for problems. Of course a lot of my neurosis faded away but I began to look at more underlying issues beneath my crippling porn use.

    For example: My diet, exercise routine, quality of exercise, self care, work, career, creativity, mind and more.

    At the moment I am focused on the quality of my recovery, working with a therapist, maintaining recovery, working a spiritual program, my career and expressing my creativity and at the same time constantly making sure I'm up to scratch with self care and health.

    Yeah it took a LOOOOOOOONG time for the porn addiction pathways to fade away and they still haven't. The cravings are still there, but by focusing on other things, not indulging in fantasy they can start to wear off.

    One thing that I will add as advice is: if you want your fetishes to go away or to get rid of this thing stop thinking, visualising or fantasising about it.

    Anyway, Peace.
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  2. Congratulations mate.
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