134 days has passed. I'm not healed, but I am on my way.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheWarrant, Oct 14, 2017.

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    When I embarked on this remarkable journey, I did not know what to expect. However, I am glad I have made this choice. I have had sexual encounters in this time, and not been successful, yet - but I am overturning severe damage which has been caused by years of porn addiction.

    I have been so busy that I simply have not found the time to think about PMO. I am continuing on the path toward eventual success and functioning properly.

    The best way to avoid PMO is to be busy.

    I wish you all luck. Do not return to PMOing.

    You may look at my signature and think "134 days, i could never do that."

    Well, let me tell you - the time will pass regardless. So either get busy living, or get busy dying.
  2. Its great that you been busy cause this energy have to be used.
    So you had sexual encounters too. Interesting why they wasnt successful, maybe we can help with that since theres a lot of knowledge to be shared from own experience.
  3. TheWarrant

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    I think I had drank too much alcohol, and that is why I wouldn't get it up. I'm not bothered by it, it will work in time and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

    I have bought some of the lowest dosage of v1agra pills. I will keep these in my wallet just in case I might need to perform after I've had something to drink.
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  4. Be careful, dont drink much cause it might make you relapse. Limit your alcohol intake if you are serious about your streak.
  5. max9292

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    I completely agree to bu busy to avoid PMO because by this way we are not focused on PMO but on the life we want and we engage to realize it.
  6. 5adn8m8

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    Thank you for sharing.nice advice.
  7. MegatronJones

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    Great news! Over 4 months... impressive! :emoji_thumbsup:

    Alcohol has the same effect on me as well. Any more than 2 drinks and I know better than to even try.
  8. TrevorLuciferus

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    Good to read that you are feeling better. I am hoping for the day i will look at my profile and see a big improvement like a 100 day mark or somehting like that!
  9. nikh

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    This is great to hear about - congrats. Always inspiring to hear about streaks like yours as a newcomer.
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    Just be aware that PDE5 inhibitors such as \/iagra and the rest are specifically labeled as not to be mixed with alcohol. A small amount of alcohol with a small amount of \/iagra would be fine, but know the risks of that type of combo.
  11. Deadpool.420

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    Bro do some exercise even a little bit if you dont have time but do it everyday. For home exercise buy a kegel, rod and weights for deadlift and yoga mat for abdominals. These are the primary exercises to increase sex power by x10 to x100 for real. Other than that buy dumbells to focus on muscles on the rest of ur body.. its not that difficult and its worth it in the end..
  12. theMotivator

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    The healing process can really take up a lot of time I guess...
  13. MegatronJones

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    @theMotivator anything worth having comes with a price, always.
  14. Don't just waste your energy by doing nothing ...Instead channelize your energy to some productive work you will surely achieve something great in life...There is still lot of time to go

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