135 days, met a girl

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Warrior36, Jul 24, 2018.

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    Hey guys,

    Im on my longest streak ever with one relapse in between and I just met this girl. And bro Im telling you one of the biggest issues atleast for me was that I didnt know how amazing it could be with a woman you really connect with. When you experience it the urges mean totally nothing to you anymore because you know how good it really is. So im telling you broskis while you abstain also actively search and meet girls, because then while you are killing the old, you are also building the new. And the old dies faster when new is being built aswell! So use your imagination too if you must but also remember to build the new and good! All the struggle, effort is 100% worth it, you will see it! Just focus on staying consistent. Have a pleasant day folks and stay strong! Practice makes perfect with everything!!!
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    I just wanted to add, that even when you aren't talking to girls or anything- you are still improving and progressing.

    Lately for me, I was getting discouraged that I didn't feel any nofap superpowers and stuff. I thought that I wasn't doing anything all day and wasting time. But that's totally a lie bc when you do no pmo and don't feel any benefits: that's when you're really progressing.

    Also nice job on the streak keep it up!
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  3. Congrats @Warrior36 on your progress. Keep it going and don't turn back now that you are here.
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  4. Great buddy. Keep going.
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    Congrats on the progression you've made. You're a true warrior my friend
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  6. I am jealous about your happiness ;), however I am glad that you found enough power to achieve your goals. I wisi you good luck with your girl. Have a happy life Warrior ;)
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  7. I wish I could double ‘like’ this post. Heart warming it is
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  8. Wow that amazing. Thanks for your views and goo luck.
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    You're a warrior, respect!
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