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  1. Awesome. Go for 90 days NOBNOM
  2. Day 8/14. Was watching a video in Netflix and felt the urge to PMO but I let it pass. Also thinking about this challenge helped me to be on track. Hang on buddies, we can get through this with support from each other.
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  3. Froger

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  4. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    Day.4. Complete.
    One thought that assisted me through yesterday was being accountable to you guys. I'm glad i found this forum where i can be honest. Most times you cant really explain to people when the urge is really strong. Having to tell them that you need help cause all thats going through your head is sex sex sex. And its like if you dont PMO you wont be able to move on with life.
    Naturally i dont like to write but it seems like its something i may have to stsrt doing. For now, writing on this forum has been helpful to me.
    Ive also learnt to not get complacent with my strategies and routines that help me avoid my PMO triggers. Also not to allow my body get adjusted to the routines, that they loose effect. I need to learn to switch things up.
    10 days to go. God help us all.
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  5. Zephil

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    7/14 Mood began this week, today I'm just ranting and bitching about everything and everybody, all part of the process.
  6. ninjasign

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    4th day. I am more productive, i have more time.
  7. xkarma

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  8. The Real Big Mike

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  9. Day 4/ 14
    Just number "1" left haha
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  10. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    Halfway through day 5.
    Mehn.. movies these days arent making things easy. Everything is getting sexualised. Just watched a movie and i'm getting stupid thoughts already.
  11. henry3526

    henry3526 Fapstronaut

    Day 12. Success is so close I can taste it. Then onto the 21 day challenge.
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  12. Checkin' in; day 13. Need some opinions if somebody is reading this please.

    Had a wet dream today. The worst part was that it was a lucid dream, so my wet dream might be considered masturbation, cos I intentionally induced it by starting to have sex during wet dream. Masturbation is defined as stimulating one's genitals for pleasure, which did happen, just not with my hands but through my mind only. But also it was sex in a dream and not MO in a dream, so technically it was sex. But then again dream is MO cos I am having sex with myself in my head.

    I'm confused. Does intentionally induced wet dream via having sex during lucid dream is considered masturbation? I did not touch myself once I woke up, in fact I tried to stop it by flexing PC, didn't work tho. I know that generally wet dreams are not considered relapse in this community because they are out of one's control. The thing though is that it was lucid dream. I am not sure how much control I had, maybe not 100%, but I did had a lot, due to me being lucid during a dream. So that's what I am thinking of. If it would be just a normal wet dream I would not be worried. :(

    Anyhow, still day 13 without masturbating to porn or watching porn, so challenge continues in some form at least...
  13. Day 13.

    One more day to go and I am really excited about this thing. :D.
  14. tet2vd

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    Day 4/14. Let’s keep it going fellas
  15. NeoStar123

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    Day 8/14
  16. Lifeisajourney

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    It's day 8 and I almost went to one of those peep shows. And Im still fighting the urge. I'm trying to find a reason not too
  17. TENK

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  18. I cannot lie to myself nor to you all. So here it comes. I PMO ed yesterday. I was alone at home after coming back from some errands. Wife had gone to office. I could not control my urge and lost it. I feel so bad and guilty and weak. I think loneliness was my trigger. I am going to reset the trigger and start all over again. I let you all down. Sorry about that. Any advice?
  19. T
    This does not count as PMO. For it me appears normal to have wet dreams
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