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  1. be Dane

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  2. Iridium

    Iridium Guest

    It is great that you analyze the things that led to the relapse. It is a perfect way to deal with it. Yeah shit happened, but trying to learn from it will make you stronger.
    Keep on going man!
  3. KZX

    KZX Fapstronaut

    Day 1 done
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  4. Iridium

    Iridium Guest

    Day 5 of 14 completed

    No problems at all today.
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  5. rockstarpsr

    rockstarpsr Fapstronaut

    Day 9/14 almost done. Still going strong. I am noticing various changes in myself but I will write about all that in detail after I complete this challenge. And I am damn sure that I will win this challenge in this attempt.
    Ready to fight it out hard!
    Victory to us!
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  6. FlipatyFlop

    FlipatyFlop Fapstronaut

    --Day 14/14--

    This really has been a journey!! I loved this challenge and for giving me a push to start off my NoFap!! And on behalf of all the people here are HUGH thanks to @2525 for creating this challenge to help us out and give us this push/challenge!!

    From tomorrow I'll start the 20 days challenge or something that @2525 has created!!

    Hope I get on the Hall of fame!!!
  7. Arc12

    Arc12 Fapstronaut

    Day 5 Done!! .. :D
  8. Glosoli

    Glosoli Fapstronaut

  9. Day 4/14 done. I just saw the 30 day challenge and after I finish this one I hope to go straight onto the 30 day challenge...
  10. Day 2/14 Done
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  11. Hey buddy,
    After a relapse, your brain wants more and more dopamine, so it will prompt you in every way to do it again :-(
    You must be aware of that, and disarm it by more: exercise, walking, music, cold showers,... Anything to distract you from the urges.
    After a day or 2, it will get less, i promise, and then you can go up again with much more ease. So, yeah, the first days can be very hard !
    Be kind to yourself, don't feel guilt or regret, just get back up and start over !
    Try it bro, and please stay strong ! You can do this !
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  12. Hi John,
    You're just one day behind my count, you can't quit now ! Stay strong, get physical, shower (cold), run, walk, go public, whatever man !
    Just don't give in now, you're too far to go to zero :)
    Stay strong !
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  13. Bagration1944

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  14. John.99

    John.99 Fapstronaut

    A relapse for me. Doesnt help that I've been sick and been told my the doctor to just lie in bed. Starting to feel better so hopefully that will help me
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  15. Joriz

    Joriz Fapstronaut

    Day 2 of 14. 8th day of no PMO.
    - my longest streak so far.
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  16. Day 8: It's the start of the second half now and I feel good! After yesterday's cravings and wobbling a bit it's good to have a day under my belt without cravings, urges or fantasies again. Work was okay and kept me busy for awhile and I made more money than I had anticipated so that's a plus. Had dinner at my sister and brother in laws house tonight which was quite fun and allowed me to relax. Roll on day 9!
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  17. LightningBolts

    LightningBolts Fapstronaut

    If I can do 7 days twice without porn then I can do 14. Its just going to take a ton of mind strength to do this.
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  18. Hi there,
    Great that you are feeling better now ! Just try to identify what triggers you and plan to avoid them. Relapses are also learning points to make the next streak better and better !
    Just get on your feet again, buddy, no regrets or guilt, love yourself (hey, it's you in the mirror, you know this guy !), and start walking this joutney again :)
    Stay strong !
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  19. Day 3/14: Slowly going up in this challenge :)
    Feeling good, stay strong now guys (and girls) ! Slow but determined to get there !
    Hi brother,
    You're very right ! Just go on , you can do this !
    Very nice thought !
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  20. juan_samuel

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